For sale Volkswagen Bus / T2, 1974 Classic Camper Westfalia type IN MEXICO

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For sale Volkswagen Bus / T2, 1974 Classic Camper Westfalia type IN MEXICO

Volkswagen Bus / T2, 1974 Classic Camper Westfalia type
Price : usd 7’500
Van is for sale in MEXICO

- Engine : 1600 CC – 4 Cylinders – Air Cooled
- Year : 1974
- Color : Red
- Transmission : Manual
- Fuel Type : Gasoline (Average consumption on highways 12 liters/100km and
cities 15 liters/100 km)
- Registration : Mexican plates (in my name)

Selling our 1974 VW Camper Bus. We purchased this bus in Mexico in 2010 from a VW Lover and we have been traveling the Americas from North to South since then.
The van is ready for more travels and comes with all our equipment and accessories (basic tools, spare parts, pillows, blankets, warm sleeping bags, stoves, plates, solar shower, extra tanks, etc.)
See attached pictures for the actual shape of the van.
You can check pictures of the adventures of the van on

Bus camper equipment :
- Fold down bed in back
- Pop top roof with a second bed on top
- Canopy (can be attached directly to the van)
- Icebox 12V (110 V connection to be repaired)
- Fold up table
- Various closets and storage space
- Portable chemical toilet

The major changes we have done :
- Change front seats for more comfort
- Change front lights (halogen)
- Add a front protection (helps protect the paint)
- Change the radio with CD player and auxiliary jack
- Change the curtains (except the front privacy curtain which was/is in good condition)

The engine, the body and the outside :
- Odometer is showing NOW 230’000 kilometers (just as a reference)
- Major Works performed between 211’500 and 217’000 km including the following : Engine refurbishment (NEW Crankshaft, pistons, cylinders,bearings, flywheel. Block was remachined, Major Service (spark plugs, points, condenser, spark plug cables, etc.),
4 new shock absorbers, new Exhaust, Electric starter refurbished, Gear box revised.
Basically the engine was repaired to 0 hours.
- Tires are still in good condition (changed the 4 at 201´715 km, Pirelli Chrono)
- Clutch changed at 180’000km
- 2 batteries are connected in parallel (last one was changed at 205’000km)
- Brake system was revised, repaired and flushed at 202’000km
- Extra critical spare parts will be included with the sale (points, condenser, belt, spark plugs cables, fuel pump, fuel filter, ignition coil)

Comments :
- Oil consumption : ~0.5 liter / 1000 km
- the windshield has one repair(we bought it like this already, no big deal) + a few little spots from small stones on gravel roads (no repair needed)
- Few rust spots below the windshield and in a few places (treated)
- The bumpers could be repainted for a cleaner look
- The brake system is an old type, which means that if you are not used to drive a classic old car, you need to “learn” a few tricks to avoid breaks overheating. This is mainly when driving down hills in high altitude. NO problem otherwise.
- The original heating system is working but not effective in cold places.
- Water filtering through one of the side window in case of very heavy rain (we bought it like this, could be fix by changing a few joints).
- The paint was redone by this Mexican passionate who did a very good paint and when the van is clean, nobody believes it’s from 74.
- This is a very strong car, we drove very bad roads and no major breakdown.
- This is a strong but simple engine (easy and cheap to fix)
- It’s compact enough to drive anywhere but comfortable enough to feel home .
- In general, the van is in good condition, but you should keep in mind that it’s a 1974 vehicle (with its advantages and inconvenient).




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Fri, 03/16/2012 - 21:30

still for sale?

Is this bus still for sale?



Fri, 03/23/2012 - 00:27

For information, the van is

For information, the van is not for sale anymore. Saludos!