For Sale: VOLKSWAGEN KOMBI 1990 - Fully equipped in Santiago de Chile - April the 10th

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For Sale: VOLKSWAGEN KOMBI 1990 - Fully equipped in Santiago de Chile - April the 10th

It is already time to think about the return, and yes, all the good things have an end... unfortunately: (

We have to separate from "Pepita" our super kombi of 90 (here combi is written Kombi). We bought it last January, to make a trip of almost 3 months through Chile and Argentina. We are planning a return to Santiago around April 2019, the 10th to sell it.

> Here is the list of the parts changed by the previous owners at the end of July 2018 (invoices in support):

- 2 new cylinder heads

- 1 engine kit, including: 4 pistons with these segments,

4 shirts and everything needed to reassemble

- Camshaft

- 4 exhaust valves + more guides

- 4 intake valves + more guides

- Oil pump

- Gas pump

- Electronic ignition coil

- Oil filter

- And without forgetting, all the joints needed for reassembly


> For the "livable" part, they trusted a local craftsman who prepared a real small caravan comfort. It has:

- An auxiliary battery connected via a circuit breaker to avoid discharging the main battery: the entire habitable zone is connected to the auxiliary battery.

- Total insulation of the walls and ceiling - Many storage units - A sink / faucet running with a 12 volt pump. 40 liters of clean water.

- An outdoor shower also running with a 12-volt pump.

- Light via a spot with a consumption of 2 watts / h

- A built-in electric cooler that separates easily from the furniture to take it everywhere with you.

- A kitchen two fires with gas bottle of 5 kilos, autonomy: about 3 months.

- A 12 volt / 220 volt 400 watt transformer with a low battery warning.

- A foldable table allowing two people to eat inside the van (3 by tightening, we tried)

- A bench convertible into a bed.

- Floating floors.


> Another specificity: the kombi is completely secure:

- The steering part is completely isolated from the living area via welded bars and a metal shutter that closes with an anti-tamper lock (impossible to cut without the help of a grinder).

- The two side doors can only open from the flap accessible from the inside, at the front. A burglar-proof padlock is also placed outside to condemn the two side doors.

- bars have also been welded to all the windows preventing any intrusion.

- The rear door can not open from the outside, the lock has been turned over. It is also a door that can, in case of emergency, allow to evacuate quickly. This allowed us to sleep and leave our van in the street without ever being worried about any break-in.


> Accessories: It is sold with everything you need to sleep (mattresses, duvets, pillows, sheets... etc) and cook (cook-everything, teapot, cutlery, plates... etc).

In addition, a camping table, two folding chairs and a stool are provided, not to mention a gas jerry can of 20 liters. We expect to achieve more than 10'000km during our trip.

Unfortunately, I can not give the exact number of kilometers of the engine because it is a 5-digit counter. Know that the parts changed by the old owners will have about 40'000km.

From our side we changed the igniter and the distribution to the spark plugs, the spark plugs and the alternator belt. The carburetor has been completely disassembled, cleaned and re-adjusted. Drainage done every 5'000 km by the old owners and ourselves.


> Required documents:

-Permiso de circulación valid until the end of March 2020.

- Compulsory insurance valid until end of March 2020 also.

- Technical review valid until September 2019.


> General info:

-Full chassis, without any trace of oxidation, impeccable bodywork.

-Pneus in good condition, and rear tires good year trail type, they can go everywhere!


Conclusion: We propose our kombi to 10'000 euros. It will be available between April 10 and April 15 in Santiago.

Due to bad internet connection, photos available upon request via Whatsapp +336.

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do you have any picture

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Holà !

Holà !

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