For Sale: VW T2 Camper Van 1989 in Chile

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#1 Fri, 01/06/2017 - 08:09

For Sale: VW T2 Camper Van 1989 in Chile

Hi there,

I'm selling my beloved Volkswagen Bulli as we call it in Germany. It's a brasilian made 1600cl Volkswagen T2 Van that I restored and build into a Camper during my time in Chile.

I have fixed all the papers so the car can be bought and transfered instantly.

Revision Tecnica – valid for one year (Chile vehicle inspection) till July 2017
Emissiones valid for one year (Chile emissions test)
Permiso de Circulation from the Municipalidad - valid for one year (tax for driving in Chile) till March 2017
Insurance for Chile

The mecanical side of the car has been completly restored in 2014 by a mecanic in Santiago de Chile (I have all the documentacion) and I have done my own maintenece (also with documentacion and fotos) on the car as a mecanical engineer to ensure the engine runs safe and sound. Since then the kombi has worked flawlessly, starts first time and is good on fuel consumption (9L/100km).

The inside of the van I have built into a practical living space. The bench seat flips down into a comfortable bed. You have LEDs panels inside with adjustable brightness and colors (party mode included). I build in a Stereo System as every good traveler should have (Amplifier, 4 new quality Speakers) and a USB charger. The floor and the wall and sealing panels I made of wood. All in all it feels very comfy inside of the red beauty.

Any specific questions, request for photos, etc. please contact me and I’ll be happy to answer.

I have all the documents ready to transfer the ownership of the car and can help you through the process since I've been living in Chile since March last year.

Sale in Santiago at the end of January

Price: 3.500.000 CLP; 4900 €

Contact: Hannes Huelsmann, +56 9 9859 4762 (WhatsApp)


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Sat, 01/07/2017 - 06:47

Hi Hannes,

Hi Hannes,
I might be interested if you can sell in April? I've sent you a whatsapp as well.