For sale: VW T2 in Ecuador/Colombia

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#1 Tue, 11/12/2019 - 15:50

For sale: VW T2 in Ecuador/Colombia

We are selling our 1996 VW Kombi T2. Made in Mexico, has Chilean plates.

Available now (Nov-Dec) in Ecuador or Colombia.

$7000 USD

All papers up to date (technical revision to be renewed in March 2020).

It has a reliable 1.8l watercooled VW engine, which is more modern than what the usual Brazilian kombis found in SA have. It means you can go a little faster and have a real heating while driving. And you only need to change oil every 8000km. The car is in a good mechanical state, took us to over 4.800m above sea level on a bunch of occasions, and over 12000kms on all types of roads (prefers paved roads though, and you may too).

It has a large roof rack with spare wheel and tire, 20L gas canister. There’s plenty of space for a bunch of surfboards or other stuff.

The interior offers comfortable eating/cooking space for 2-3 people. There is a camping gas stove (using small bottle camping cylinders), fold out table, sufficient food storage space. It is fully stocked with cooking utensils.
Has foldable bed (comfortable for two people), several storage areas, spare battery, 750W inverter, 220V plugs to charge laptops, phones, etc. Interior LED lighting. Includes camping tent for 2 people.
Basic tools included, hydraulic jack, jumping cables, some spare parts.

Driving in SA with a kombi is great, the number of smiles and honks you get is uncountable. There is a Kombi FB group in each country, so in case you need help or a spare part, it’s never far away.

It has Chilean plates, so ideal for someone heading south. The Chilean law allows vehicles to stay out of Chile for up to a year (180 days first, that can be extended once). We left Chile at the end of October, so there is plenty of time left.

Please contact me for more details!

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