Schoolbus for sale in Argentina (full size)

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Schoolbus for sale in Argentina (full size)

We offer an american schoolbus, which we converted during 3 weeks into a fully equipped
mobile home by hand. At the moment we are travelling along the so called „Panamerican
Highway“. During June, we plan to arrive in Ushuaia, Argentina, the most southern tip
of Southamerica. This is were we plan to sell our Bus.
We converted the Bus in Anchorage, Alaska. It took us approximately 1100 hours of
labour time. We spent 18.000 US$ for the conversion and 4.900 US$ for the Bus itself. We
installed a water cycle for the bathroom and the kitchen, that is supplied by a 400 Liter
(105 Gallons) water tank underneath the bus. The electricity is powered by 3 deep-cycle
batteries, which themselves are connected to and charged by the alternator.
Until the end of 2016 the bus functioned as an ordinary schoolbus. It was running
without any trouble and was maintained regularly. Since we bought the bus, we did not
experience problems either. Additionally, we had a motor- and transmissionoilchange
performed. We changed the front tires and had all the barrings and joints greased.
Underneath the bus, you can find a spare tire ( we did not need it so far).
The display for the oil pressure does not work properly and may be replaced. The shocks
are leaking, but still serve our needs. Some mechanics adviced us to replace our front leave
springs, but when asking at another workshop they did not have any further concerns
about them. After more than 15.000 Kilometers (…) of driving, the bus is running
immaculate. We repaired one of the slack adjusters, which is working again without any
trouble. In case of any further problems with the slack adjuster, we have already bought a
spare part.
Concerning the technical condition, there are no flaws. Engine and transmission are
working fine. Prior to selling the bus, we will refurbish the interior.

We would like to sell the bus in June in Ushuaia,
Argentina. If you feel like travelling with the
schoolbus, do not hesitate to contact us.
We are looking forward to your offer!

The front area: Kitchen & Sofa
In the front area, there is kitchen with a sink, refrigrator, flowing water and, of
course cooking facilities.
On the opposite side of the kitchen you can find a sofa with a bookshelf.
The dining area
Our dining area consists of four benches from the original
schoolbus- interior, that fit eight people.
The sleeping area
For the sleeping area, we constructed bunk beds. Next to each bed,
there is a 12 Volts socket. Like the dining area, the sleeping area
can fit eight people, as well as all your baggage.
The bathroom
We constructed a wall, that divides the bathroom from the living
area. In bathroom, you will find a self- composting „Natureshead“
toilet, a small shower, another sink and big shelf for all your clothes.

Manufacturer: Thomas Built Buses
Year of construction: 2001
Mileage: approximately 370 000 Kilometers (230.000 miles)
in Ushuaia
Engine: Caterpillar 6-Cylinder 240 horsepowers (runs
usually more than 1.000.000 Kilometers (620.000 miles))
Transmission: Allison 5-Shift-Automatic
Weight: 14 Tons
Length: 11,75 Meters
Width: 2,45 Meters
Equipment: Tools, spare parts, spare tire, 3,5 Horsepowers-
generator, 3 brand new deep-cycle batteries, 5 camping
chairs, soundsystem (two towers, amplifier, equalizer),
refrigerator, cooking facilities

Thu, 05/03/2018 - 12:06

School bus

Hi Travellers!!! I'm interesed in the bus...can you send me price and pictures, localization, etc? Thank's.... [email protected]