*TO SELL* VAN COMBI VW T2 - Fully equipped - Chile!

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*TO SELL* VAN COMBI VW T2 - Fully equipped - Chile!

*TO SELL* VAN COMBI VW T2 - end of June /  beginning of July, 2018 - Santiago/Valparaiso, Chili

UPDATE : NEW ENGINE! (5th of June 2018) 
—> The engine has been completly renovated by an expert in Antofagasta who worked on it during more than 10 days! Then, checked up by another expert in Ilo, Peru. We did not wanted simply an operational engine but truly a new, more reliable and efficient one, so we went to an expert who bought for us each part separetly and assembled them in front of us.
Our Combi is now ready to go on the road again for decades!

Hello viajeros!

We are a young french couple selling our 1990 Kombi Volkswagen T2 in Santiago de Chile (or close by) in the end of June for 8200$ or 7000€. Perfect companion, it is in very good state and ready to get on the road agin!

This Kombi is ready to welcome new owners, with within it a really nice interior:

Concerning the night area:
- Bed 120x180
- Two pillows and a bolster
- A braid
- A small library in which you will find guides on various countries and brochures of activities left by the successive owners.
- The several windows also enable great light to pass through which is really enjoyable !

- A hammock
- A parasol
- A tent / 1 sleeping bag / 1 carpet mattress
- Two chairs of camping
- A foldable wooden table
- A small drying rack and about ten hangers

Concerning the kitchen:
- Fully-equipped
- 2 gas distribution plates
- An electric icebox!
- A table
- A pan
- A frying pan / pancake pan
- A salad bowl
- Two plates / Two glasses
- An Italian coffeepot
- Cutting board
- Splash shield
- Diverse kitchen utensils
- A foldable washtub and a strainer in silicone (very practical !)

Furniture and arrangements:
- A piece of kitchen furniture with a double cupboard and two drawers
- A big safe under the bed (which folds in a sofa!)
- Two side safes along the bed
- A big piece of furniture and a cupboard that can be closed with two levels of storage
- A big box on the roof in which are tidied up in particular two jerry cans of gasoline (20l) and a toolbox.

Mechanical information and Maintenance:
- Since 2015, constant maintenance realized by Combi specialists (PM for details)
- A complete revision of the engine has been made a few months ago by a specialist of Combi for Viña Del Mar.
- A regular maintenance, with one oil drain of the engine every 7000km
- 93 000 kms (5-digit meter, it is the case on all Kombis), but 1500 kms only with the new engine!
- Gasoline/reservoir 40l
- Consumption averages 10l/100km
- Total Autonomy 600km (much more frequent gas stations)
- Spare wheel (new tire)
- Jack big clearance
- Reflecting triangle/fire extinguisher/cross (compulsory in Argentina)

A little - : the painting is a bit old so not perfect

A big + : a SOLAR PANEL! (A second auxiliary battery, a converter 220v, and USB plugs). Total electric autonomy: trendy electric icebox, LED lamp in the ceiling, and the possibility of reloading camera, mobile, computer etc....

Why do we love it ?
- The Combi community is amazing in South America, you will always find someone to help you or to invite you to drink a coffee and share your experience ! It even exists WhatsApp groups to facilitate mutual help and exchange between Combi owners !
- The Combi’s engine is completely mechanical. Without electronics, fixings are really simple and fast ! Plus, every mechanic in South America know about Combis and thus, are able to help and to provide any kind of piece.
- The solar panel ! We already mentioned it but it is worth insisting ! It enables us to charge one computer and 2 cellphones without using half of its autonomy (and we are in autumn)
- The way the van is built inside is very practical, among all the Combi we encounter, it is the best well-thought. We can cook very easily and there is a lot of storage space (much more than what we had imagined)
- It goes everywhere ! This is no 4x4 and you will never cross a speed limit but it will take you wherever you want ! It is not afraid of stony, sandy or muddy path, we even believe it likes them better than the highway ;)
- Last but not least, it is very pleasant to drive ! Vintage, it gives us the impression to live in the 80’s and force us to take our time to enjoy living and travelling though those amazing landscapes.

- The permiso of circulacion is valid until March 31st, 2019
- Plus, we are now experts in Chilean administration, so we can and will help you in the different administrative steps !

For more information, shoot us a message on Messenger (Victoire Berger ou Loris Penelon), on whatsapp (+33 6 01 28 97 93) or by email ([email protected]).

Hasta luego !