Selling our 2009 Toyota 4Runner in Santiago, Chile after 3 months of Travel

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Selling our 2009 Toyota 4Runner in Santiago, Chile after 3 months of Travel

Hi All,

We are a United States couple currently making a trip in Chile and Argentina in our 4Runner.  We bought the car in late September from fellow travelers who traveled around South America for 7 months.  We would like to sell the car in the middle of January in Santiago, Chile.

***Contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] or on Facebook at Nolan Gallagher 


Toyota 4 Runner 2009 + Rooftop Tent

$13,800 USD (includes vehicle, tent, and all accessories)

111,846Miles/180,000KMs (estimated)

V64.0L/241Gasoline, automatic engine


2009 Toyota 4Runner (2WD) - 100,000 Miles/180,000KMs (estimated)
V6 4.0L/241Gasoline, automatic engine
Very good state, everything original except for the shock absorber (were changed by previous owners)
Zero engine problems while we have owned it and none reported by previous owner.  Additionally, Toyota spare parts are available everywhere in case of any issues.
Includes custom built shelves for kitchen supplies and refrigerator
Average gas consumption: 10.8L/100km or 21.7MPG
We will change oil before sale. We have had maintenance check since we’ve owned it.
Air-conditioning and climate control works well 
Licensed and registered in Chile including the following details
Technical inspection valid until September of 2018
Circulation permit valid until March 2018
Insurance valid until March 2018


Custom build kitchen with storage, shelves, pullout tables and bins containing the following (everything you need for cooking!)
Electric cooler that uses 12V car plug in the back
NTK Frontier Stover Burner (uses gas that is available nearly everywhere/gas station/grocery store)
Set of Doite” branded pots, pans, kettle, plates for up to 6 people
Big and small kettle for coffee/tea
2 Insulated mugs for coffee/tea
Plates, bowls & utensils
Cooking utensils/cutting board/oven glove
Plastic containers for food storage and utensil storage
Pans for grilling meat
Bbq grill for grilling over campfire
Foldable colander + salad bowl

Rooftop Tent + extension
Rain awning for rain/wind/sun 
Big Duvet (Patagonia must have)
Doite camping pad (to help with insulation and padding)

2 Small stools
2 Bigger Camping chairs (loungers)
Camping table
Fishing pole
USB powered camp light
Black & Decker 12v to AC converter


Chili Road Maps, Argentina, Peru, Chili Guides
Anti-theft device for steering wheel
2 Toolboxes for miscellaneous repairs
Tire air pump+starting/jumper cables + tire pressure gauge
12v/220v converter to charge anything from 12v plug
Big plastic box to hold all misc. items for storage
Custom built “dresser” to store clothes and toiletries
1 petrol can 20L
1 water jug 10L


High clearance-probably the most important feature for a true overland trip, even more than 4x4
Reliable - Toyotas are known to be very reliable and if something needs repair it is easy to find parts for Toyotas in all of South America.
CartopTent - tent opens up in 5 minutes (closes in 10) and allows you to camp nearly anywhere while still keeping the entire inside of the vehicle open for additional people/storage!  The tent comfortably fits me (190cm tall) & my girlfriend plus plenty of room!  The bed includes a foam mattress & duvet, which is much more comfortable than a traditional ground tent.  It also allows easy transport & parking in cities or towns as you are driving a standard sized SUV.
Custom Built Storage and Kitchen - We wanted to optimize storage and build a nice “kitchen” as we cooked a lot while camping.  We installed shelf storage for coffee/tea/oils and other often used items as well as improved “counter space” by adding pullout shelves to increase areas to cook and prepare on.  Additionally, added “drawers” for pots, pans, plates and silverware.  Pictures included.
Overland ready - no additional equipment or purchases are necessary.  We have accumulated all of the gear needed for an overloading trip and are including them in the vehicle sale.
Blends in with locals - 4Runners are popular in Chile and SA so locals do not perceive the car as an overlander vehicle, making it less likely to be a potential target for robberies or theft. 

No Auxiliary cord attachment for music (we carry a bluetooth speaker for music & audiobooks for those long drives across the Pampas)
Not a 4x4 (we had no issues with this on our trip all the way through Patagonia and were comfortable on all roads,  but if you were doing some serious back trail in the wet season, the 2WD might be a problem.)
All equipment is in good condition and fully functional, but there is standard wear & tear that would be expected from overland traveling.

Full Technical Inspection at Toyota dealership completed at 170,383 KM
New Tires installed and alignment at 173,758 KM
Oil last changed at 174,013 KM - changed every 5,000 KM
Chile Required Technical Inspection (PRT) completed in September 20-17 at 174,027 KM Certification is good until SEPT 2018.  This test is rather stringent and includes inspection of suspension, emissions, brakes, alignment, lights (inside & out) & seat belt.Ses