SELLING Toyota 4Runner with RV Trailer

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#1 Fri, 02/07/2014 - 15:40

SELLING Toyota 4Runner with RV Trailer

Hi friends

We finally arived in Panama City, we are parked at the amador yacht club parking lot. We want to sell our Car and Trailer registerd in California, from now on. The Trailer, 1988 Nomad, is equiped with a kitchen, bathroom incl. shower, 3 beds ( 4 - 5 person) and if needed 2 in the car. The Toyota 4Runner 1995 2 WD automatic suspension got now 181000 miles on the clock, had new brakes befor we left the US, we serviced it recently, oil, belts, suspensen oil, ect. everything is in really good shape. we had never problems with our hookup. so if you are looking for an adventure just write me. asked price is 6500.- US


If interessted or any questions call to +507 677 40 900 or write me on [email protected] or PM

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