Selling Van in either Chile or Liam, Suzuki APV Panel van which has been converted into a camper. Price drop to 8000 Dollars

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Selling Van in either Chile or Liam, Suzuki APV Panel van which has been converted into a camper. Price drop to 8000 Dollars

During September 2017, myself and my partner purchased the SUZUKI APV. We purchased the van in Chile, Santiago. It was an empty shell. We have made it an insulated, self-sustaining home on wheels. The van has plenty of storage, a kitchen and a bedroom which can easily be made into ‘sofa mode’. It has an 190w solar panel, 110AH deep cycle leisure battery and MPPT charge controller with display, all installed and has provided us with enough power for internal lights (2 sets), a small fridge, and whatever we need each day. We have had no issues with the van, and have changed the oil filter and fan belt throughout. The kitchen is a pull-out, 2 ring gas burner, connected to a 6kg LPG gas tank. A small safe is installed under the bed. There are minor scratches and a little bump but nothing visible to the naked eye.


Manufacturer: Suzuki APV Panel van no windows
Milage: 150,000 km 
Year: 2012
Engine: 1.6 petrol
Tank size: 55 litres
Transmission: manual 2WD
Weight: 1 ton
Length:  4.1 M
Width: 165cm
Measurements of the bedroom: 190 for the big bed, 160 for the small, width 150
190W solar panel with 110AH deep cycle gel leisure battery, MPPT charge controller with display.
12V charging port for phones laptops.
2 sets of LED lights for those dark nights.

2 gas range hob with 6 kg LPG gas tank and Chilean regulator.
Storage for food with fridge and food create.
Spice rack
1 griddle pan
1 frying pan
1 pot
A set of cutlery (and holder) and utensils for cooking (knifes spatula ect)
2 baskets which hold condiments and essentials
1 chopping board
Plastic bowls and plates plus glasses.
Bbq grill for the authentic cooking over fires.
Pestle and mortar
• Divider for main storage for clothes ect.
• Safe to store personal important belongings.
• Tarpauling 4m by 4m
• Tool kit and bag for if you break down – tool kit includes,
• Hammer , socket set, cable ties, screw drivers, glue, screws, saw , axe tire pressure gauge, emergency tire repair kit, safety set fire extinguisher hi-vis jacket plus cone. Ratchet straps for anything that needs attaching.
• Extra storage include a plastic box stored under the kitchen a wooden create for vegetables electronic holders on the back of the seat.
Miscellaneous items
Surfboard can be included, 12v adapters for usb connections, cables for micro usbs, hunting knife can also be included.

Asking price is 700,00,00 chilean peso or the converted price to pounds or euros.

We have travelled the Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador for around 8 months now. Having the van has made this a trip of a life time. Its very fuel efficient and due to it being petrol can handle all the hills you will encounter (Bolivia being high altitude and we never had any problems) It can hold enough food for two weeks, around 60 litres of water and a jerry can. It has allowed us to find and stay in the most amazing of places, including living on the solar for a week – which we highly recommend. We plan to end our trip in Chile to sell the van, around June or July. Due to this we have extra items which we think may help make your trip as good as ours.
If you have would like any more information, or any tips from our travels, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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