SOLD - 1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia camper for sale in Costa Rica, ready to hit the road and live vanlife - $9600 OBO

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#1 Wed, 08/30/2017 - 13:25

SOLD - 1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia camper for sale in Costa Rica, ready to hit the road and live vanlife - $9600 OBO

I am selling my Volkswagen Vanagon GL Camper Westfalia 1985 for $9600 OBO
It is a perfect "house on wheels" with 2 double beds, a pop-top ceiling to be able to stand in the van, and a fully-working kitchen with 2 stoves, a sink, a refrigerator, and a water reservoir.
It also has a solar panel with an auxiliary battery and a voltage convertor to charge your laptop, phone and tablets.
This van is one of the best vans to travel with as the engine is simple to fix anywhere.

I bought our van, called "Dino," in San Francisco in November 2015.
My wife and I lived in it and travelled with it from USA to Costa Rica, driving through all of the countries of Central America, and it was fantastic!
Our road trip is ending and it is now time to sell our beloved van.
We hope that the next owner will enjoy our "house on wheels" as much as we did!
The car is in used condition (32 years old, some rusty spots) but has proved to be a sturdy companion on the roads in Central America.
The inside is in great condition.
The license plate is Californian.
It is located in San Jose, Costa Rica, and I would like to sell it here.
In case there is no other option for you, I could potentially deliver it to Panama or Nicaragua.

* Model: Volkswagen Vanagon GL Camper Westfalia
* Year: 1985
* 2WD
* water-cooled
* power steering
* original engine 1900cc gas with 196000 miles on the odometer

Included equipment:
* 2 double beds
    * double convertible sofa
    * double bed under the pop-top
* kitchen block with
    * 2 stoves
    * a sink
    * a refrigerator
    * a drawer and various cupboards
* propane tank (3 gallons / 10 liters)
* water reservoir (13 gallons / 50 litres)
* CD player
* 2 audio speakers
* 2 swinging tables
* the two front seats swivel 180 degrees so that you can create a cozy "living room atmosphere" with sofa and armchairs around the middle table (perfect to wine and dine with fellow travellers!)
* pop-top with window & mosquito net
* various cabinets for clothing & equipment
* storage compartment below the convertible sofa, convenient for mechanical gear
* spare tire

Specific to the Vanagon GL (Grand Luxury) version
* higher clearance than the standard Vanagon (2-3 inches more), good for dirt roads
* fold-down armrests, good for long drives

* Yakima roof bars
* solar panel 80W
* auxiliary deep-cycle battery SLA1161 (44AH) & Auxiliary Battery Kit
* pure sine-wave power convertor: Go Power! GP-SW300-12 300W output 110V
* the biggest clothes cabinet was customized to have an additional door and compartments
* hidden safety compartments for valuables under the front seats (large enough for laptops)
* mosquito nets for all doors

Repairs & parts replaced:
* 04/11/2015 Rotor, Distributor Cap, Air Filter
* 04/11/2015 Fuel Pump
* 10/11/2015 Main battery
* 13/11/2015 LPG Tank with Regulator
* 13/11/2015 Faucet Upgrade
* 13/11/2015 Side-view Mirror
* 23/11/2015 Fuel Line Replacement Kit
* 23/11/2015 Washer Pump
* 23/11/2015 Power Steering V-Belt
* 23/11/2015 Alternator/H20 V-Belt
* 02/12/2015 Wheel bearings front adjustments, Replacement of Fuel Hoses, Belts, Brake Pads, Front panel lights & Front wiper liquid pump
* 16/12/2015 Blower Switch for Vanagon
* 16/12/2015 Rear Hatch Strut
* 16/12/2015 Antenna
* 16/12/2015 Wide Angle Rear View Lens
* 15/01/2016 Pop-Top Lift Assist Strut Kit, to easily lift the pop-top when there is extra weight on the roof, like surfboards or roof rack
* 15/01/2016 GoWesty Tank Filler Hook-Up Box
* 11/02/2016 Water Pump
* 11/02/2016 Thermostat
* 11/02/2016 Spark Plugs
* 11/02/2016 Reservoir sensor
* 11/02/2016 Temperature sender
* 11/02/2016 Engine Oil Filter
* 11/02/2016 Remove & replace cylinder heads with GoWesty/AMC Cylinder Head
* 07/01/2017 Headlight Switch
* 07/01/2017 LED Bulb Kit for Westfalia
* 16/05/2017 New rear tires
* 01/06/2015 Wipers

For those who are interested, we are also selling the following items
* cooking & eating gear
    * cooking gear: 2 pans, 2 pots, cooking utensils, immersion blender, juice squeezer, knifes
    * eating gear: set for 4 persons (plates, glasses, cups, silverware)
* sleeping gear:
    * 2 linen set
    * 4 pillows
    * 2 sleeping bags
* a hammock
* an inflatable mattress
* water equipment
    * snorkeling gear
    * fishing gear (hawaiian sling, knife, net)
* surfboards
    * 9" longboard
    * 6'4" shortboard
* car gear
    * toolbox
    * shovel
    * jumper cables
    * tire inflator
    * extra door joint
* spare parts
    * Belts (Power Steering & Alternator/H20)
    * Piston rings
    * Engine Gasket Set
    * Bosch Oxygen Sensor
    * Brake hoses
    * Pop-top & Luggage Rack Seal Kit

Complementary information.
This van could be legally imported into Costa Rica for approximately $800.
And if you don't want to legally import it, the Costa Rican Temporary Import Permit expires in 8 days, you will have to go out of Costa Rica or store it in an Almacen Fiscal for 3 months.

Check our blog:

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Mon, 10/09/2017 - 14:30

Is it sold?

Have you sold this VW van in Costa Rica? 

Sun, 10/15/2017 - 06:33

This van is sold


Yes I sold it in Costa Rica.


Mon, 10/16/2017 - 14:39

How did you do it?

Thanks Raphael, 

We're also looking to sell our Van from SF in Costa Rica but finding it hard to find a buyer at the moment. Any tips? Also, did you exhcange inbetween borders to a foreigner or was it sold to a Tico? 

Any help would be fantastic.



Tue, 11/28/2017 - 09:37

We sold it between borders

We sold our van legally in Costa Rica.
It has California plates, and we sold it to an American citizen.
Following the advices of a friend, we did this sell in between borders, so that the vehicle temporary import permit would have the same name than the owner. We also did a bill of sales.
Concerning the registration, I set the vehicle as Planned non-operational (PNO) several months ago, as I was not driving anymore in the US.
So the buyer will have to reactivate the registration when driving back to the US.