*SOLD* 1990 VW Kombi Camper* For Sale in Santiago (Feb 2018)

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#1 Fri, 01/26/2018 - 09:46

*SOLD* 1990 VW Kombi Camper* For Sale in Santiago (Feb 2018)

We are moving away from South America and need to part ways with Pave Penny, our 1990 Brazilian VW Kombi Road Warrior! $10,900 USD. 

We have lived in Santiago for the past 2 years and this van the culmination of over 9 months of preparation for our South American adventure. We traveled for 2 months throughout Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Chile. This van not only runs soundly, but she looks awesome. Great for overland travels or just for driving out to camp on the beach. If you are looking for a Kombi for your travels, I assure you that you do not want to roll the dice on one that has not had a serious engine and transmission rehaul in the recent past. The middle of nowhere Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, etc, can be very lonely when you break down and have no cell phone service. Additionally, with limited kombi specialists (and yes, these vehicles require someone who knows what they are doing), you could spend several weeks delayed on the road trying to tend engine/trans problems. 

Pave Penny is:

- Fully converted camper van with wooden cupboards, double bed, and 3 meter roof rack to fit all your belongings. Also includes bed and curtains

- Equipped with two parallel electrical systems and a 220v wall hook-up for running 220v electrical sockets while camping

- Engine and Transmission completely rebuilt in August of 2017 by respected VW Specialist Francisco Vial in Santiago. **Has only 15,000 kms since rebuild**

- Includes 2 full spare tires, replacement parts including: 2x Belts, 4x Spark Plugs, Ignition pump, distributor cap, throttle cable, fuel lines, fuel pump, and various other parts that will keep Pave Penny running when you hit the road for the big adventure!

- Also included are a soft-sided rooftop luggage carrier to keep your belongings dry, as well as a small folding table and a solar shower (constructed by me)

See pictures for other details, too many features to list! 

I have records of all the work done and the costs, too much to list here. Please feel free to message with any questions. As previously noted, I am in Santiago and will be available to show the van in Las Condes starting next week. Notary paperwork must be completed by 18 Feb, so remember that RUT paperwork will need to be started soon if you are not a Chilean citizen. Starting next week it will be listed in the local Santiago papers too, so don't delay!


Patrick and Sheena...and Luke!


Tue, 01/30/2018 - 11:33

Little question

Hi Patrick, Shenna and Luke ! Just a quick question about the motor, i'm in Santiago for know and i'm looking for a VW motor's specialist  ! Where is Francisco Vial ? How i can contact him ? In advance thank you .


Wed, 01/31/2018 - 17:11 (Reply to #2)

Hi Fred

Always happy to help if I can. Francisco is located in La Reina, on the east side of Santiago. I must warn you that he is more of a restoration guy...meaning his rebuilds are of high quality and are not cheap. If you drop a vehicle off, there is no guarentee on the timetable that it will be ready. He does awesome work, don't get me wrong! But he is prob not the mechanic you need if you are just rolling through Santiago for a quick check-up...cachaí? You can contact him on Whatsapp...+56 9 9830 2929. Saludos, Patrick

Thu, 02/01/2018 - 02:47

thank you

Thank you  Patrick for the fast reply . I'm prepared for a long road and may i need him for the checking period , but if he his too busy maybe he can give me some good tips that i can found one to do the job . 

Cheers again and see ya somewhere !