[SOLD] 2001 Toyota 4Runner 4x4 with fitted bed in Chile *now*

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#1 Wed, 03/30/2016 - 12:48

[SOLD] 2001 Toyota 4Runner 4x4 with fitted bed in Chile *now*

*** EDIT: We initially posted this advert back in March, but only got contacted by people who wanted to buy the car straight away. We simply didn't want to sell before now, so the car is still for sale! We have now updated the advert with the current mileage etc. We also got the car thoroughly inspected. We received a detailed 6 page test report, which confirms the excellent condition of the car. We can send the test report to you, if interested***

Our amazing trip comes to an end and with sad hearts we are selling our great Toyota 4Runner! It has been the most reliable companion that literally brought us everywhere and we are now looking for somebody in need for the perfect vehicle to drive the americas!

We would like to sell in Chile end of June to mid July (we're flexible), preferably to European travelers as this would make bank transfers easier for both parties. We are asking for USD 6500$ or best offer. We are happy to help you with all the necessary paperwork in Chile!

We bought the car in November 2015 with 225,000 km in Santiago. The car had only 2 previous owners within the same family and a lot of the mileage has been done on the highway since the previous owner had to travel to a different city weekly. The car is extremely well looked after and it goes without saying that we continued to service the car well, receipts are available. We got the car inspected on a 10,000 km interval, but apart from maintenance (not only oil and sparks, but also all filters, transmission/radiator/steering fluid, rubber bushings...) we didn't have to do any repairs. The above mentioned test report states the good condition of the vital parts (brakes, belts, shocks, alternator, battery, chassis and of course transmission and engine). We never had any trouble with the car whatsoever; the only thing that broke during the trip was a light bulb!

2001 Toyota 4Runner 3.4 V6 SR5 gasoline with currently 260,000 km, Chilean license plates. Automatic, 4x4, driver and passenger airbag, ABS, air condition, central locking, 3 normal keys and 1 remote key for alarm, electric windows, tinted windows in the back, sun roof, roof rack, cruise control, soundsystem plays radio as well as music from CD, USB stick, memory card and smart phone.

All tyres (including spare) are proper all terrain tyres. Back tyres have been changed at 235,000 km and front tyres were changed at 245,000 km.

Revision tecnica (roadworthiness test): up to date until November 2016
Seguro obligatorio (mandatory insurance): up to date until March 2017
Permiso de circulation: up to date until March 2017

The vehicle comes with accessories like: towing rope, jump leads, fire extinguisher, roadside safety kit, car jack, 20L jerry can, 12V to 220V converter, air compressor to inflate tyres, steering wheel lock, various tools. We can also add camping equipment and a few items like storage boxes, road maps and hiking maps, a fishing rod including spinners.

For anti-theft, the car is supplied with a hidden kill switch (once activated, it's impossible to start the engine) and a hidden compartment with a safe to lock away documents, camera etc.

The car contains a solid wooden bed that can be easily dismounted to seat up to 5 people in the car. The option to sleep in the car made wild camping so much easier for us, not to mention the numerous wet and cold nights in the south where we were extremely happy not to sleep in a tent! We ended up sleeping in the car every night, even if we could have easily put up a tent.

The Toyota 4Runner has slightly more space than similar models of other car manufacturers, which allowed us to store our surfboards under the bed (only if we gave a lift to friends or hitch hikers, we put the boards on the roof). Our boards are 6'0ft and 6'2ft and slightly bigger boards would still fit.

If you are interested, please drop us an email at mimiwest46 [at] gmail.com with any questions you may have. We will happily answer all emails, but we won't have internet all the time, so please allow for a delay in response!

Happy traveling!