SOLD: 2004 Nissan Pathfinder, Santiago, Chile July 2016

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SOLD: 2004 Nissan Pathfinder, Santiago, Chile July 2016

Although we luckily still have a couple of months left, we sadly have to be realistic and think about who will take care of our beloved Muma (short for Muchacho Malo) once we leave. He really has been a tough boy so far (hence the name). He took us over the Carretera Austral all the way until Ushuaia and back up until Bariloche, without such thing as a flat tyre. He allows us to go and sleep everywhere we want, being sandy dunes or muddy roads, Muma doesn’t care. Since we sleep in the car and don’t have a rooftent/roof box, it is not so obvious that we are tourists.

He is a 2004 Nissan Pathfinder with Chilean registration plates and all official documents up to date (permiso de circulation and SOAP insurance valid until March 2017, revision technica and revision de emisiones until July 2016) .We bought him in January from a car dealer in Santiago and had it thoroughly checked by Martin (Santiago R). He was so enthusiastic that we had no choice but to buy him. He has all the original parts and is in perfect condition, which was very important for us, being mechanic-noobies.  He has a 3,5L V6 gasoline engine with automatic transmission, full 4x4-system with 2H, 4H & 4L and overdrive and we gave him new semi off-road tyres at 171.000KM and a new battery at 176.000KM. It will have approximately 190.000KM at the time of sale (first 160.000 have been driven in and around the city).

The car is well maintained (we have bills of all our maintenances) and has airbags, air-conditioning, a sunroof (!), cruise control and many more 'common' features. We had an anti-theft system installed before we hit the road which kills the electrical system until you push the right buttons to start the car. It runs great and the fuel and oil usages are good for a V6 car of this age. Muma did have some paint damage (granny-in-parking-lot-scratches, see pictures) when we bought him. But since both he and we felt more comfortable keeping it this way, we did so (to better blend in). It is very easy, quick and cheap to fix if this disturbs you though.

We built a wooden sleeping platform inside. Together with our 2 custom made matrasses and darkening curtains this allows you to spend the night in the car comfortably with 2 people up to 1,90m (like I am). The platform is constructed as a transformer which allows you to put up the rear seats with the platform still in it. This is great for cooking inside when it’s rainy/windy or for taking friends/hitchhikers. We built in a secret space underneath the platform that fits a 15,6” laptop and papers/documents and that you can lock. It also has a rooftop bag
The car comes with everything you need to comfortably camp your way through South America. A detailed list of all the stuff will follow below. As we fly back home the 30th of July, the paperwork has to be done before that date. Of course we will do this together and we can also help you in the process of obtaining your RUT-number. We will make sure that you know everything there is to know about the car and driving 4x4 (if you want) before we leave.

The price is €6800 or the equivalent in US Dollars. This will give you a very reliable car that is good to go. Just throw your bags in and leave!

You can e-mail us for any possible questions you might have on [email protected]. Since we are on the road, it might take us a few days to answer. Sorry in advance for that!

Thomas and Dianne (from Holland)

- spare tyre + lock
- slime bottle for fixing small punctures
- jack
- jumpstart leads
- 12v compressor
- socket wrench
- fire extinguisher
- safety vests
- warning triangle
- steering lock
- towing rope
- spare headlights

- raised platform, folds in parts
- 2x 100mm high density foam mattress (190lx68b)
- bedsheets
- 2 sleeping bags
- 1 extra warm 2p-blanket
- 2 pillows
- darkening curtains
- elastic nets to sides for storage (e.g. clothes)
- shoe organizers tied to front seats
- front window ice/sun cover
- mosquito net covers for car doors
- mini USB fan
- car charger with 2x USB output
- tape to mini jack converting cable
- 12v to 220v inverter

- 3p tent, light weight
- storage boxes (1 large, 1 middle, 2 small)
- 15L Coleman cooling box + ice packs
- 2 folding chairs
- folding table
- solar shower
- tarp
- foldable shovel
- gas cooker
- portable grill
- stick mixer
- pots, pans, plates, kettle, cups, bowls, cutlery
- cleaning stuff
- lightweight matresses for trekking

- Annual entrance pass to national parks of Chile, valid until january 2017 for 2 adults and 3 kids.

Tue, 06/07/2016 - 07:15

CAR for sale

Hi we are interested in your car, but our budget is $5,000. If you could do anything in this price range please email me> susierenshaw1