SOLD - 2008 Toyota 4Runner Santaigo late June 2105

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#1 Thu, 04/02/2015 - 05:57

SOLD - 2008 Toyota 4Runner Santaigo late June 2105

Our roadtrip will sadly be coming to an end in June. For sale will be our low kms 2008 Toyota 4 Runner 4x4 AUTO SR5 with the 4.0 engine. It´s Chile registered. I paid a good amount to buy it from Portillo Toyota - the main one in Santiago. It had 119,500 kms when i bought it. It will have about 150,000kms (94,000miles) by when we sell it in June.

I bought a younger model with low kms as I wanted reliability as we are travelling with our three young children (aged 3,6 & 7) and didn`t want problems. From my couple of weeks of searching, most cars for sale in Chile have not had a lot of preventative maintenance! I know a bit about cars (I do all my own work on my Land Rover for our outback desert trips at home in Australia and have also rebuilt an old TR6) and I was horrified at some of the 4Runners being offered for around the 5,000,000CLP mark - one had no coolant at all, another the roofrack was tech screwed to the roof!

Anyway, I changed the oil and filters when I bought it (been using fully synthetic) and it has not burned a drop of oil. It´s also always run with proper Toyota coolant (the red stuff) and the level hasn`t changed at all since purchase. 

I´ve just had a good mechanic in Coyhaique go over the car last week, rotate the tyres, lubricate chassis and drive train and check all diff and transfer oils and he gave it a clean bill of health.

The tyres were new when I bought it, so will have about 30000 kms on them by the time of sale. They are Pirrelli Scorpion ATRs. I used these offroading in my Land Rover back home and they have been excellent in durability. I had the wheels balanced and aligned and fitted new front shock absorbers as one was leaking.

I haven`t modified anything else in the car - it`s in excellent condition inside and out.

Revision Technica and Emissions test is due in January 2016, which won´t cause any problems as the car is in such good shape. The rego has been paid until end of March 2016.

Fuel economy on the highway is around 10l/100kms, in the hills in 4wd and around town it drops to about 12.

We have been using a 12v waeco chiller for keeping things cool in the back during the day, and storing fruit, cheese, salami, milk etc. We have a proper car fridge at home so you´re welcome to have that if you like (they retail here for around 50,000CLP).

For sale in late June in Santiago, $10,500 USD.

Dan & Sarah andestour2015(at)

pics on our blog:

Mon, 06/08/2015 - 09:23

For sale in Santiago June 21st

We arrive in Santiago area on June 21 with the car for sale. Some updates:

Odometer will be only155,000kms/96,000 miles.

I scratched the side bumper in a tight park at a hotel in Potosi and there is a 1 cm paint chip on the rear bumper where an Arentinian policeman ran into me! All cosmetic. No other scratches or dints.

The car has performed faultlessly. The coolant level has not moved a millimetre.

The last oil change was at 143,000km so I recommend a oil and filter change when purchased. (This is a very easy process that takes around 20 mins at any of the lubricentros around. I`d recommend fully synthetic. The cost will be around $100. The engine has never burned a drop of oil since I`ve owned it. The dipstick oil level has never moved.

Lots of driving on lava and dirt roads has taken its toll on the tyres. As such, I´d now recommend getting a new set before you travel too remote off road. (the spare is 80% good, you only need 4).

I`ve dropped the asking price to USD$9,500.

Extras included

  • Fire extinguisher
  • Warning Triangles x2
  • locking wheel nuts
  • padlock for spare wheel
  • rear cargo cover
  • rubber floor mats
  • roof rack
  • 10 litre fuel container
  • 12v chiller box
  • 12v FM transmitter for your portable music
  • Fold up camp table and 5 folding chairs.
  • 3 sets of keys, 2 remotes

please contact us on

[email protected]

chile cellphone 988803601 (if no answer, send sms)


Mon, 06/22/2015 - 09:31

Selling now in Santiago.

We arrived last night and are looking to sell the car this week. We had offers in La Serena, but its easier to sell here.

We are staying near the centre of town, car is avaibable to inspect or take to a mechanic nearby.