SOLD Adventure bus for family: Ford E-450 W/el dorado bus body

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SOLD Adventure bus for family: Ford E-450 W/el dorado bus body

Family Adventure Bus for Sale

Available Santiago from early July negotiable date and city

whatsapp +56990957538

11 million Chile pesos/15750 us dollars

As a family of 4 (with kids 8 & 10) we were looking for a roomy, comfortable, reliable and reasonably priced camper to travel round Chile in for 8 months. We wanted lots of light, we didn’t need a shower and wanted lots of space for climbing, rafting, hiking and surfing gear. Looking online in Australia before we left we couldn’t find one that suited so decided on arrival in Santiago to convert a bus or large van. I am a high school wood and metal tech teacher who has restored caravans and old cars and motorbikes so I was confident I could do the conversion. We bought the bus from a local Baptist church in Santiago. They had been donated it by another church in USA. So only two owners and they had done low kms for the age of the vehicle - 63,000 miles in total (less than 100,000 km) and looked after it as you would imagine a church would. The bus is a 2002 Ford E-450 long wheel base van with V10 Triton 6.8l petrol engine. It has a El Dorado fibreglass body (previously 25 seater) commonly used in America as airport shuttles or school buses. Ford F and E series vehicles are common in Chile, used for 4x4 and motor homes.  For the conversion I removed all but six of the seats and built the interior from pine and plywood secured to the wood floor and the wall mounted seat rail.  We have been in the bus for about 6 months and done about 10,000km, traveling from Santiago to Tierra del Fuego and back, mostly on and around the Careterra Austral. In that time the bus has performed perfectly. The only mechanical issue we have had was the failure of the voltage regulator, and so fitted a second hand Alternator.  On first buying the bus we fitted two new tyres and new brake pads. Preventative maintenance has included engine oil and filter change, new front shock absorbers, another two new tyres, re-cambered rear springs and new headlight bulbs. The bus is very easy to drive - it feels more like a car, and has an automatic transmission and cruise control. We couldnt find a vehicle suitable for less than 20k $US and think this is a very fair price.

The Conversion

2 forward facing seats with seatbelts
Long bench with built in storage - includes  45l 12v compressor chest fridge/freezer under fold up counter,  150amp hour agm battery, single wok burner with two 8l gas bottles (1 bottle lasts aprox. 1 month), small residential sink with hand pump. 60l fresh water and 20l grey water in jerry cans under. Cutlery and crockery for 4 people in pull out plastic tub drawers. Fry pan, pots, cooking implements and kettle included.  Other drawers for food storage.
Over counter shelf storage.
Two fully enclosed child bunks with 150cm matresses with inbuilt shelves and clothes storage under.
4 seats surrounding a dining table with built in storage (forward facing seats with seat belts).
Locker/coffee table - includes 4 large plastic tub drawers for additional food and other storage and deep pocket.
Fold out couch converts to queen size bed, included sheets and pillows. Large Storage under in plastic tubs.
25l porta potty.
Double layer curtins on windows and between bus and cab.
Very large over head storage lockers
Surfboard roof hanging
Pullup bar
Small clothes hanging rack
110 watt solar panel on roof
High speed compressor
Jumper leads
20l petrol jerry can
Powertools - circular saw, jig saw, drill and hand saw, 50m extension cord.
Various consumables and spares - headlights, running lights, interior lights, fuses, sink pump spares, screws, varnish.
One large and one small fire extinguisher
Wheel jack and spanner
Safety vest and safety triangles required in Chile.
Complete bus manuel with all electrical diagrams
CD player with speakers throughout bus.

The bus has 2 independent battery systems;
The original duel car batteries (one in bonnet and one under the chassis RHS) power the vehicle lights and accessories including individual reading lights and interior lighting.
A 150amp hour glass fibre mat Agm battery (installed by me) that powers LED light strips and fridge. This is charged by the solar panel and alternator.
Battery management is done via an Australian Redarc Manager30 system that controls input (solar, 12volt or 220volt) and output of the Agm battery and displays usage and charge information. THIS WOULD ONLY BE INCLUDED FOR AN EXTRA COST. Otherwise there will be a simple switch to control input from the alternator or solar panel regulator with no display or monitoring.

6.8l V10 ford triton engine (70144 miles at 23/5/19)
200l fuel capacity
Dimensions: 7.2m long 2.6m wide 2.75 tall
Range between 500-750km per tank depending on road conditions and speed (dirt roads-highway).
Average fuel consumption 27l/100.
Duel rear wheels - All six tyres in very good condition - outer rears have 10000km on them, inners brand new, fronts newish when i bought it. Spare tyre is good. 
Tyre size LT225/75R16
Duel 12v batteries
Rear door.
4 fully opening exit windows - great for ventilation.
Vent/exit roof hatch.
Powerful seperate front and rear air conditioning systems. Rear needs gas - we never needed it in Patagonia.
Powerful front and rear heating - we used this a lot in Patagonia, often running the engine for 15 mins to heat the bus.
Easy clean vinyl floor
All external seams between fibreglass body panels and around windows re-sealed with manufacturers recommended Sikka sealant. Bus is completely water proof - tested in Patagonia.
Bus will be sold with 6 months licensing and Revision Technica complete. It will be reclassified as a Casa Rodante (motorhome) which means no special licence is required to drive it, insurance is easier to obtain and road tolls are cheaper.
For blog and more pictures including build check:
For another families build with similar bus check:

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