SOLD . Chevy Van 1997 in Mexico

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#1 Thu, 01/10/2019 - 08:22

SOLD . Chevy Van 1997 in Mexico

For sale, begining of February /bigining of March in
2000 $

Conversion Van Chevrolet 1997
162000 Miles
V8 5.7 Gazoline
Automatic transmission
US plate, Florida, registered until dec 2019

We are a french couple and wé are selling our van with all equipment to camp .
It has à big bed with sheets and cover
All stuff for cooking
Table and chair
Mosquitonet and curtain
Tools .....

We did all maintenance, the van will be ready for next trip.

Sun, 01/20/2019 - 10:16

Interested in van

Hi there! Very interested in this van! My boyfriend and I are looking to do a 3 month overland trip in South America!

is the van 4wheel drive? Any concerns we should know about? Please get back to me at your earliest convenience

[email protected]

Tue, 01/22/2019 - 17:25

Exactly what I'm looking for!

My and I are headed to Tulum, Merida & Isla Mujeres at the end of February. Mum is an adventurer who now faces mobility limitations... and you know travelling Mexico and finding suitable accommodation can be challenging even when you can climb stairs! 

A van is what we need to get around with a wheelchair, and a van with a bed for camping means we can go everywhere. 

Let me know when and where, and I'll be there with $ in hand. I look forward to hearing from you  

Email me at [email protected] when you can!

Wed, 01/23/2019 - 12:20


We are in tulum for 2 weeks ,if someone is around. and want see the van.

Tue, 02/05/2019 - 15:10 (Reply to #4)

Chevy van 1997

If it’s still up for sale, I can come to Tulum on Thursday! 

Tue, 01/29/2019 - 08:21


Hi i'm very interested! In was just wondering if the date can be streched out becuase im planning to go to mexico in april! :)

Tue, 02/05/2019 - 15:06

Chevy van 1997

hi ! Is your van still up for sale ?  My partner and I will be in Chetumal tomorrow and are willing to go just about anywhere in Mexico to check out the van !! Please let us know [email protected]