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Hi travelers,

We are selling end of January 2019 (date is flexible) in Santiago (Chile) our amazing duo truck camper.
It is a Chevrolet Silverado 2005 and the camper was built in 2016. Chilean plates so really easy to transfer property, we can help you with that ;-). 

For pictures (HD is always better ;-)), see this link:

Chevrolet Silverado 2005 Vortec V6 4.3 Single Cab a great car in really good shape.
- 2x4 with high clearance so goes pretty much everywhere a great car in really good shape
- 120 000Km (Should be around 124 000 Km by the end of January)
- 13L/100km on highway (with A/C ^^)
- Automatic transmission
- Backup camera really practical for reverse and maneuver with the camper!
- A/C / Heater
- 3 seats (huge space)
- 90L fuel tank (+25L extern extra tank)
- 2 Air Bags
- Spare wheel in good shape
- Complete safety kit
- Radio, CD
Mechanical history so far:
- We added a secondary battery with deep charge. 100mA/h, 12/220V inverter (375W) in the camper. Charges while on the road. Battery separator on the car.
- New accessory belt (11/2018)
- Motor oil changed at 115.000km
- Break liquid changed at 115.00km
- Reinforced springs
- Brake pads changed (10/2018)


ELECTRICITY: two independent electric systems
o Camping mode: A large extension cable which allows to plug on 220V
o Autonomy mode: Secondary battery, deep charge, 100mA/h which charges on the road and a 12/220V convertor (375W) which allows to charge computers, tablet etc..
- A 45L fridge + 5L freezer (-6°C) de 5L (only works on 220V sector).
- 3 wall lights (LED) et one outside light
- Plugs inside the camper

SPACE: super optimized
- Dinner table with two sofa bench that transform in a queen bed (till your knees, then, it’s a little bit less width).
- A lot of storage!
o Inside: Doors have magnet that keeps them closed on the road. Some also have lockers. There is some place under the benchseats.
o Outside:

- External storage with lockers.
- Two sliding windows and a roof aeration with a mosquito net.

- A sink with an electric pump (working on battery or pluged). A 40L water tank and a 35L tank for used water.
- External shower system that can be plug on the sink.
- A space for chemical toilets.

- The camper door locks and we also have a strong chain with two lockers tha we didn’t used so far but could be useful if you’re leaving for few days or if you’re staying in a big city.
- We also have the legs for the camper, which is really useful if you want to take if off the car.
- The camper is not larger than the car which let it goeas everywhere and makes it very easy to drive!

Everything (or almost) you need to travel in South America! (See pictures)
- Gas cooker
- Gas tank (which has a deposit but we let it as it is kid of complicated to find one).
- Pillows and couette in feather (high quality and warm) + sheets
- Camping chairs + small foldable table
- Everything you need to cook
- The NECESSARY Italian coffee maker! :D
- Tools

Price is 13 000€ or equivalent in USD. 

For pictures (HD is always better ;-)), see this link:

You can contact me at: [email protected]
We speak english, french, spanish.
Let us know if you have any question.
Talk to u soon!

Charlotte & Rémi

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