SOLD (edit) Toyota 4Runner V6 4x4 (with buildin bed) in Chile

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SOLD (edit) Toyota 4Runner V6 4x4 (with buildin bed) in Chile

We are posting this message already because we know how important it is to see advertisements of cars when you are planning you trip. It is always nice to see cars that are fully prepared for roadtrips in South America.

We are Dick and Charlotte from the Netherlands and we are travelling since the end of september in Chile, where we have bought our 2000 Toyota 4Runner in just 2 weeks time. We converted the car into a camper and since that time we’ve been travelling up north and we are currently enjoying the very nice views in Bolivia. After Bolivia we will be heading towards Brasil, Argentina and return to Chile from the deep south.

I can’t say how thrilled I am with our ride, it’s the best decision we have made. We are saving a lot of money by camping in our car. No expensive hostels and restaurants, just you and the car at the most remoted places you can think of. Truly a magnificent feeling.

We wanted to buy a Toyota, because this brand is very reliable and you can see a lot of Toyotas riding around South America. When there is a problem or you need service for the car, there is always someone that can help you, even in the smallest villages. We’ve seen people with other brands who had to wait for spare parts that were being shipped from the States or Europe. Something you don’t want to do when you are travelling!


- a 3.4 liter V6-engine automatic 4x4(runs on petrol);
- 192.000 km when we bought it (estamation around 220.000 km when we finish the trip);
- high wheelbase (ideal for te offroad-parts of your trip);
- AC;
- electric windows (front and back);
- electric adjustable mirrors;
- alarmsystem with remote doorlock;
- good radio/cd-player with MP3 and USB-port (to connect your Iphone);
- four 12-volt connections so you can charge the fridge, navigationsystem, other electric equipment;
- a bed (real matras) with all the things that comes with it (pillows, sheets, blankets etc);
- 8 storageboxes to put all your stuff in (hidden under the bed, so nobody can see them from outside);
- fully equipt campinggear (seats, table, pots and pans, kettle, BBQ, plates, glasses etc);
- electric fridge (25 liters) with a car- and a normal connection;
- tools for first aid on the car (startingcables, jack, fire extinguisher (new), ropes, spare-tyre, etc);
- 3 big jerrycans for extra fuel (total of 55 liters) which comes in hand in Bolivia and Patagonia);
- extra steeringlock;
- a lot of information (maps, guidebooks, info, webpages etc);
- much more....

The car is our home and our means of transportation, reason for us to deal with great care. We are servicing the car on a regular base.

If you are interested in some photos of the car, please check our Flickr-site:[email protected]/collections/72157631961351288/

If you want to read our blog please do at: (it’s written in Dutch, but that’s a good reason to learn a new language ;-)

If you want more information (also for buying and driving a car in SA) don’t hesitate to contact me by email, [email protected] or send me a personal message on the website.