[SOLD] Fully equipped Lexus GX470 2005 (US Plates!), End of May - Early June around Santiago de Chile

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[SOLD] Fully equipped Lexus GX470 2005 (US Plates!), End of May - Early June around Santiago de Chile

2005 Lexus GX470 4WD; based on the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado ‘J120’

$ 8’500 + Title transfer cost as deposit

When: End of May - Early June 2019, ideally Santiago de Chile (Flexible)

I am a Swiss photographer who has been travelling through Patagonia for the past months. This car is a beauty, and has been one of the best purchases I have ever made. The Toyota motor and car quality make for an excellent drive with minimal mechanical worries, and you can get anywhere you want. In addition, the US license plates make the transfer of the car easy and hassle-free.

From sleeping at the base of volcanoes to the beaches of the Carretera Austral, anything is possible! You can go off the beaten track, out of the backpacker bubble, truly dive into local culture or get to the farthest flung landscape wonders. If you're interested, feel free to reach out, I would be happy to answer any questions by whatsapp, email or skype! I am currently in southern Chile/Argentina, so the wifi might be a little spotty, but I will get back to you ASAP!

For some travel inspiration ;-) : http://www.instagram.com/mindless_wanderer



· US PLATES! (Easy title transfer, fast border crossing, and non-stop looks of wonder and "did you really come all the way from Washington State?!" questions)

· Condition: Excellent, fully equipped and very reliable 4x4 adventure vehicle for trips off the beaten track

· Current mileage: 215’000 miles (346’000 km) on Odometer. This has been a well maintained Toyota Engine which will easily go to 300’000 miles / 500’000 km and more

· Lexus is a luxury sub-brand of Toyota – parts / repairs are easy in any country of Central or South America

· Maintenance: the car will be ready to hit the road (change of oil, filters etc. will be done at the time of sale)

· Price: US $8'500, preferably paid via Transferwise

(Price includes all Modifications and add-ons)



· First owner: bought the car new in Washington in 2005 and drove it to Chile

· Second owner: bought the car in Santiago, Chile in April 2018

· Third owner: bought the car in Santiago, Chile in August 2018

· Actual owner: I hold the title and all necessary paperwork since December 2018



· Sale of car will be done through 'OverlandTitles' (https://m.facebook.com/OverlandTitles/) by Alex Smith, the same way I (and the previous owners as well) bought the car a few months ago. He will assist with transferring ownership in the US from start to finish. It was really efficient and easy! Within a few days the car will be registered in your name and your are then the legal owner, which gives you the freedom to cross any border - no questions asked!



· All maintenance records available since 2005

· V8 engine, five-speed automatic with 270 PS, NAV-model

· 4WD high gear and low gear, differential lock, automatic transmission

· New fixed suspension (replaced by previous owners in Nov. 2018)

· 75 Ah auxiliary battery with inverter and digital voltmeter for easy reading. Connected to car alternator for endless energy when on the road.

· Anti-theft alarm (forced door entry or broken window)

· Kill switch to prevent theft of vehicle (If “off” car cannot be started, even with key! So effective, I've managed to fool myself!)

· Safety bolts on all 4 wheels and on both license plates

· Tinted power windows + rooftop window

· 2 remote keys, plus 1 spare non-remote key

· Gasoline: 84 L tank with a range of 500 km per tank (depending on altitude, driving-style etc.)

· 3 additional 20 litre gasoline tanks (two stored in roof box and one mounted on swinging back-box)

· Full spare wheel mounted underneath vehicle


Recent maintenance / changes:

· New back window at 214'000 miles

· Suspension changed to fixed suspension (Strutmasters suspension) at 205’000 miles

· Serpetine belt replaced with 190’000 miles

· 4 BFGoodrich KO2 all terrain tires (still approx. 80% of profile left at time of sale)

· All Brake pads were recently replaced (will have approx. 18'000 km on them at time of sale)

· Furthermore all rotors were resurfaced and rectified at time of new brake Pads.

· New front right brake caliper (approx. 18’000 km at time of sale)

· Revision Technica valid until March 2020




· Queen size bed with super comfortable 3-inch memory foam mattress, warm organic cotton blanket, sheets and pillows. I am 1m95 (6 foot 4), and fit in easily, this bed is HUGE! Having the bed in the back of the car also offers much more wind/weather protection compared to a traditional rooftop setup as seen on other 4x4s.

· Insulating blackout curtains on all windows plus full visor for front window = maximum comfort, safety and privacy

· Removable mosquito nets on 4 windows


· Kitchen with a really strong dual propane stove and 10-liter propane tank. Works also in high altitude

· A five meter gas hose allows you to cook in the tent

· Complete kitchen equipment for two, including a high-quality orange-press and a coffee maker

· 12 Volt fridge (13 liter)

· ALPS Mountaineering Roll-up Camp Table

· 2 foldable chairs

· 2 stools


· Fiberglass-reinforced Yakima Roof Box with lock and fitted metal frame, even for heavy equipment

· Rear swing-out hitch box for kitchen and gas (swings away from the car on a hinge, providing easy access to the back door of the car)

· Storage boxes which fit underneath bed


· Large 2,5 m x 2,5 m ARB awning with attachable, almost new, weatherproof tent, including all around mosquito net and full floor. Super easy to set up and very durable

· Brand-new National Geographic 2-person tent for hikes (including two iso-mattresses)



· High-quality Overland Solar 90-Watt Charging System

· 12-Volt fan for tropical nights

· Pelican Storm Case (Lock Box, bolted to floor and hidden under bed, for documents, cameras, laptop, etc.)

· Toolbox (with all necessary tools for car maintenance / repair, including a voltmeter)

· All mandatory safety equipment (including tire repair kit, tow strap and mount, vehicle jack, jumper cables, safety triangle, safety vest, fire extinguisher, recovery strap and a big shovel)

· Super useful air compressor

· Hammok



Philippe Henderson

Whatsapp: +41796501706

E-Mail: [email protected]


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