SOLD! Hyundai H100 in Santiago de Chile

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SOLD! Hyundai H100 in Santiago de Chile

Car is sold!
Hello travellers!
We are selling a Hyundai H100 (2004 Grace Model) now in Santiago de Chile for 2.700.000 CLP. It has alot of space and a bed frame + matress + big storage room underneath. It is perfect for two people. As there are 3 Seats in the front we were also able to with a group of three. In this case two people slept in the car and one in a tent. If needed backseats are included. There are boxes fitting under the bed, water canisters, two gas stoves as well as a fuel canister and spare tire included. We have attached a net on the ceiling for storing surfboards, camping chairs, tables etc. . It has a big roof rack and wooden plates to sit on the roof of the car. The engine is strong, which made it possible for us to acces remote areas. The car is Diesel-powered, thus very efficient, additionally Diesel is cheap on chilean fuel stations.
There are some details on the inside (glove box and front seats) but we have fixed/solved most of the problems.
The car has a Chilean plate and we are the official owners of the car. So we have all the documents ready.

- Model: Hyundai H100 (Grace)
- Year: 2004
- Km: 183282
- Type: Diesel
- Motor: 4 Cylinders, 2.5l
- Transmission: Manual
- All papers are up to date (certificado de revisión technica, permiso de circulación, certificado de emisiones contaminantes)
- There are no depth on the car

Renewals under our ownership:
- Renewal of Suspension
- Change of all Tires
- Linearization of wheels
- Oil and filter change
- Screws of rims
- new brakes/brakediscs
- new doorlocks

We were using it for a roadtrip and surftrip through southern and northern Chile from December till March. We sadly have to sell it as we are returning to Germany in beginning of April. The car has grown to our heart and we would be happy to sell it to people who use it for travelling/surfing.

Roman and Jamil

Sat, 03/09/2019 - 03:39

hey there, we are looking to

hey there, we are looking to purchase a van next week in santiago to head north. Is this still available? feel free to whatsapp me on +306974718970. my name is Thanasis