SOLD: Mitsubishi Montero Sport GLS (2007) begin November (intermediate sale also possible)

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SOLD: Mitsubishi Montero Sport GLS (2007) begin November (intermediate sale also possible)



We are a Belgian couple (Arne (30y) and Tine (26y) traveling throughout South America for 3 months who are planning on selling our wonderful and dependable Mitsubishi Montero in early November 2016, in Santiago Chile.  The vehicle is a 4x4 boasting great ground clearance, making it able to deal with all kind of roads in South America.  It is fully equipped for any Overlander adventure, able to comfortably sleep two people inside the car on a raised bed kit with plenty of storage underneath, a big roof basket, capable of holding lots of gear, a fastened board behind the roof basket that holds three gas cans, a water jug, and a second spare tire, as well as many other tools, devices, camping supplies, and perks to make your South American adventure easy and comfortable.  The car is registered in Chile and has all the necessary documents and insurance, most of them good until March 31, 2017. 

We can help you get the necessary RUT number needed to buy the car, and have already been through the experience of buying a car in Santiago, so we are able to make the process (recentely renewed) very easy for you. The entire transfer and receiving your title (Padron) usually takes 3-4 weeks, but we can have a document made at the notary giving you our permission to leave Chile with the car if you want to leave the country right away.
We bought the car in August from an American couple with 202.000 km on it, and it should have a maximum of 220.000 km (+- 137.500 Miles) on it when we sell it. 
There is much work done  (by us and by the previous owners) to the car to ensure it continues to run well and remains dependable.  Much of this work was done by Martin Hrepich, a highly recommended and praised Overlander mechanic in Santiago.  Also, the Mitsubishi Montero is a very common vehicle throughout South America allowing you to blend in, and making spare parts easy to find, and labor cheap.  Here are the main details:

2007 Mitsubishi Montero Sport GLS

Milage: now has 204.000 km (127.500 Miles), will have 220.000 km (137.500 miles)

3.0 L 6672 V6 gasoline engine (DOHC 24v)

175 hp/ 130 kW/ 177 PS at 5,000 rpm

Automatic Transmission  (4speed)

Fuel Consumption: between 11-14l/100km depending on weight, road conditions and speed

4 Wheel Drive with three operating modes:

  -AWD with center differential

  -4 High with center differential locked

  -4 Low with center differential locked

Ground Clearance: 2779 mm (8.8 in)

6 All Terrain Tires (2 spares)

Large Eletric Sun/ Moon Roof

Heavily Tinted Electric Windows

Cruise Control

Air Conditioning and Heating

Locking Glove Box

Black Leather Seats + black seats still in car and can be used when necessary without changing the whole sleeping construction. The car is great for two people, but can seat up to five. The construction can be folded, so you can still use the rear seats (not practical for every day, but usefull if some friends are going to visit you as it will be with us) or can be easily removed completly.

Owner's Manual in Spanish and French

Car Accessories:

  -New touchscreen stereo with CD player, and both auxiliary and USB port to charge devices and play music at the same time

  -External power outlet in back of car that connects directly to battery, so all you have to do is connect a looped wire to the positive charge and you can charge 2 devices without the car being on and without losing much of its charge

  -90cm X 90cm (35.4 in. X 35.4 in.) metal roof basket

  -Large National Geographic Rooftop Cargo Bag that is water resistant with capacity to hold 327 liters that fits perfectly into the roof basket and connects easily to it with its own nylon straps and plastic buckles. Very convenient when you have a lot of extra gear, like for climbing or other stuff (we can handle without at this moment).

  -Wooden platform 115cm X 50cm (45.3 in. X 19.7 in.) fastened to rooftop behind roof basket affixed with eye bolts to hold 2nd spare tire and water and gas gans. Because we currently don't use the big cargo bag, we put the spare tire in the roof basket which makes the the vehicle less high, 2m20)

  -18 L plastic water jug

  - 3 plastic gas cans (5 L, 20 L, and 25 L) for 50 extra liters of gas, 2/3 of the tank

  - 3 meter long thick chain and key padlock for securing gas cans to the vehicle and protect against theft

  - Club Sterring Wheel Lock

  - 2 hydraulic 4 ton jacks  to make changing a flat tire on rough roads much easier

  - Spider wrench ( lug wrench in shape of cross with different size sockets on each end to provide better torque when turning lug nuts)

  - 4 roadside triangle reflectors and two reflective vests (required in most S.A. Countries)

  - fire Extinguisher (also required)

The car is equipped with all necessary "Accessoires" you need to be not bothered by the police in Chile , Argentinia, Bolivia and Peru.

  - 2 liters spare oil and 3 Liters of spare coolant

  - 5 strong ratchet straks for strapping down cans and gear

  - 2 large plastic tarps (very usefull when camping or to cover stuff in the cargo bag)

  - thick windshield sunshade

  - 2 cans of WD-40
  - spark and jumper cables

  - set of new Philips headlights (lamps)

Car Bed Accessories:

  -Removable wooden bed frame and mattress 185 cm X 130 cm (72.8 in X 51.2 in) (Arne is 1,85m and it fits, he sleeps well)

  - 2 new pillows with pillow cases

  - 1 bottom sheet and 2 top sheets

  - 1 extra thick warm blanket

  - 1 down comfortor

=> Will all be washed when delivered

  - Blacked out rear windows and 4 black curtains for the 4 main windows + thick windshield sunshade in front for complete privacy when sleeping

Camping Gear and Tools:

  - 4 plastic storage bins that fit perfectly under the bed frame

  - one Bucket of 10l for doing the dishes or other

  - 2 camping chairs

  - a 3 person car camping tent,

  - 2 camping pads

  - 1 car camping stove with many extra gas canisters

  - 1 medium sized cooler/icebox

  - 2 plates

  - mandoline for preparing a salad etc.

  - forks, spoons and knives

  - cutting board

  - wooden spatula and spoon

  - frying pan

  - 2 pots (big/little)

  - Tupperware salad bowl

  - 3 plastic cups

  - 1 hot mug

  - can opener

  - peeler

  - solar Shower 25l

  - fishing rod

  - duct tape and super glue

  - measuring tape

  - saw, hammer, big screwdriver

  - 2 ratchets, 2 wrenches

  - spare nails and screws

Road maps:

  - Very usefull Road maps 2015 (atlas of roads in mainly Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay...special Road map of Peru (hard To Find), lonely planets of Chile, Bolivia and South America.

Car Maintainance (official papers are with us):

  - Oil changes at 183.700 km and 192.290 km, 203.000 (there will be another change at 212.000km and one before we sell the car)

  -March 8th: 2 new tires

  -March 30th: new rear shock, 4 new brake pads, brake fluid change, new air filter

  - aug 19th: new timing belt (very important for the reliabity of a strong Mitsubishi engine) and new front schoks

Car Documents and Insurance:

  - Permisso de Circulation- valid until March 31, 2017

  - Revision Technica- valid until Feburary 2017

  - Seguro Obligatorio- valid until March 31, 2017

  - International Seguro Obligatorio for Argentina, Brasil, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay- valid Until the end of our trip, but can easily be renewed for one month, 3 months, one year (we can give directions and adress how and where to do).
    - We also got us a full package insurance (omnium) of €80, $90 a month, but this is not obligated. If you want this as well, possible to help you with it as well.

Used car:

We really love the car and hope others can love it as well. It's a very reliable and well maintained car what is the most important thing when you want to travel through SA. We want to be honest with the future owners by not only telling the great things about our beloved car but also mentioning the minor inconveniences. By doing this we want to avoid unpleasant surprises for you:

1) Some scratches because the car isn't always under a sheet in the garage, is a travellers car

2) Now and then the 4x4 indicator light is flashing green together with the ABS, which would mean that the 4 wheel drive doesnt disconect properly. This is checked by several mecanics, the 4x4 works just fine, they say it's one underpressure valve sensor which does not work properly (dust around sensors) which causes both lamps to blink. It's a common and surely no inconvenient problem with Montero (Mitsubishi 4wd, you can search on the internet or ask a dealer, like we did in Belgium). We are keen to have the car in good condition, as we do a lot of driving ourselves, so we fix everything. If we discover at some point, that we need to fix it, we will. But since everything works just fine there is no need so far. We think it just fair to tell you that.

We are asking € 8350 or best offer.

if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to email us via [email protected], or to contact us via whatsapp +32 494 94 17 04

for pictures, see following link:[email protected]/shares/97s0E8

Kind regards,

Arne en Tine