SOLD: Recent & fuel efficient CAMPER-CAR in Chile, end of October

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#1 Thu, 09/05/2019 - 14:21

SOLD: Recent & fuel efficient CAMPER-CAR in Chile, end of October

Hi everybody,
In October we'll be selling "Popeye" our panel van in Chile.
It's an economic and reliable car in which 2 can sleep and up to 6 person can travel!

Peugeot Partner 2014, 1,6 HDI Diesel
Will have about 115 000 Km in October ! Low mileage= less troubles / easier to sell after your trip.
6 seats (3 in the front 3 in the back)
Double airbag, cruise control, AC, power steering, USB, radio, bluetooth...

Economic assets:
Uses twice less fuel then most vans and SUVs (can do more than 1000km with 50L!)
Diesel is usually cheaper than gasoline
Light and powerfull = cheaper on ferries

Other assets:
You can park and sleep anywhere without being seen as a traveler's car
During the day you can fold the bed and take up to 5 passengers (you won't be lonely and can share with friends or hitch-hikers!).
Foldable front seat which can make a tiny table to cook inside
Carpet insulation and thick wool mattress 190cm x 110cm
Multiple storage areas (we travel with 4 pairs of skis, climbing equipment, fishing rod and much more!)

Included: duplicate key, snow chains, 10L jerrycan, bed sheets, blanket, pillows, brushes, some spares...

Can sell camping & climbing equipment too.

We have been very careful about the car's maintenance and hold a logbook
-Changed oil every 10 000km with best quality oil
-Other filters changed every ~15 000km
-New tires (march & september 2019)
-Belt drive has been changed (august 19)
All Chilean paperwork and insurances up to date.

Price is 6700€ or equivalent. Any question feel free to contact us!
Whatsapp: +54 261 33 44 505

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Thu, 09/05/2019 - 18:51

I wish to were selling in

I wish to were selling in January!