*** SOLD *** SAMSON For Sale! Toyota 4Runner, Camper, US plates, in ARG, BRA, URU, PAR, January 2015

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#1 Fri, 12/19/2014 - 13:47

*** SOLD *** SAMSON For Sale! Toyota 4Runner, Camper, US plates, in ARG, BRA, URU, PAR, January 2015


Hello independent travellers!

We, a German couple, are looking for new travel mates for our beloved SAMSON. He has been a great, comfy and reliable host during our wonderful 6-month roadtrip through South America. We are just coming from a long strechted south Patagonian journey and could spend most time aside from the standard tourist route. Samson made it possible with a robust chassis, a strong and reliable drivetrain, a comfy bed and lots of space for our nice little kitchen and all our camping gear and travel stuff. Besides fixing flat tires, he has never let us down!

Key facts:
- Toyota 4Runner SR5 V6, model 1994, golden
- Very good condition, exterior and interior, no rust, in California until 2014
- US plates from California
- "Camperized": 2-person bed, mobile kitchen, boxes to store your stuff
- Sold WHERE: Right in the center of South America: North Argentina, Uruguay, South Brazil, Paraguay.
- Sold WHEN: January 2015

Technical specification:
- Engine: V6 3.0 liter, 150hp, gasoline, consumption ~ 12l/100km
- Automatic 4-speed transmission, 2WD rear wheel drive
- Mileage: 129500 miles, 207000 km. Will add another 5000 km
- Tires: BFGoodrich Radial Long Trail, 225 75R15, in good condition, good spare tire.
- Brakes: New brake pads in mid 2014
- Air conditioning
- Electric windows front, back and trunk
- Central locking system
- Regular oil and filter change services
- Spare parts are easy to find, the car is common and based on the Toyota Hilux which is the most used truck in South America. Mechanics know this car.
- Known issues:
A thin crack in the lower part of the front windshield. See picture. It came with the car when we bought it and since then did not change at all. It is stable and harmless so we did not see a reason to replace the windshield.
Some minor bumps and scratches, mostly in the bumper

Camper features:
- BED:
We put in a wooden bed frame, it is very stable. Plus it can be folded right in the middle. This increases storage capacities while on the road. Completely folded the bed frame fits into the trunk and you can use the back seats, in case you need them. Changing from camper to back seat configuration is done in 10 minutes. We actually had 2 extra passengers for a one week trip.
In September we bought a brand new foam mattress. Dimensions in cm: 180x120x10. The bed is really comfy and comes with covers, pillows and 2 extra woolen blankets.
The windows in the back are heavily tinted, plus there are long curtains. You can make it really dark inside.

10 liter standard gas bottle, bought here, easy and very cheap to replace/refill, holds for months
Gas stove with 2 plates and wind protection
Big plastic boxes with pans, pots, plates, bowls, cuttlery and more kitchen stuff

Look at the pictures, they show how you can live with and inside Samson.

Additional features:
- Safety items: Fire extinguisher, safety west, warning triangle, big outdoor flashlight
- Jumper cables, new
- USB chargers for cigarette lighter
- Car radio with adapter cassette to play music from phones, mp3 players, ...
- Complete tool box with hammer, pliers, etc... Extra set of wrenches, good screwdrivers

Registration, paperwork, insurance:
- Having US plates makes travelling here very easy and painless because you always have a foreign car. Customs regulations can be harsh for cars with a local registration. But you don't need to worry about that. In fact we and the pre-owners never had problems entering or leaving any country. And they visited _all_ countries south of the USA.
- We have all the required documents to make the car yours. You will recieve a complete power of attorney for the car. The documents will be certificated at a notary's office. The whole paperwork process is done in less than a day. We know how it works because we already did it.
- Insurance: If you wish to have a 3rd party insurance for the car (not mandatory in most countries), we can help you with that. The current insurance is valid until mid February.

Well, that's all we can tell right now. We are honest people and wish to find honest new travelmates for Samson. If you are interested, for additional info or pictures contact us. We get back to you ASAP, usually within a day.

[email protected]

Johannes & Ivonne

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Fri, 12/19/2014 - 19:57

Hallo Johannes & Ivonne

Hallo Johannes & Ivonne

I habe sie ein e-mail geschriebt.

We are very interested by SAMSON, my wife and I. We will carry it home and wil take care of it!

Thanks for your answer.

Aure & Antoine

Thu, 12/25/2014 - 16:02

genug vom busfahren

Hallo ihr zwei!!

Auch wir sind an eurem wagen interessiert!wenn er denn noch zu haben ist.Wir sind gerade in Sucre/ Bolivien und reisen weiter nach Argentinien.Wisst ihr denn schon wo und wann der Wagen zu verkaufen waere? Am 21.1 wollen wir in Santiago de chile sein.Je nachdem wo ihr euch gerade befindet koennten wir uns auf dem weg treffen?!Wir sind uebrigens aus Hamburg und reisen seit 6 Monaten umher und haben genug vom busfahren .;-) Außerdem waere es super praktisch in den weiten von patagonien ein auto zu haben. Liebe gruesse und eine sichere reise caro und soeren

Thu, 01/15/2015 - 03:46




We are interested in your vehicle but we want to know were is now and wich is the last price if we buy to you this car, sure we can understand.