[SOLD] Toyota 4Runner 2003, PRICE NEGOTIABLE (starting $5600 USD), in Chile, Travel setup

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[SOLD] Toyota 4Runner 2003, PRICE NEGOTIABLE (starting $5600 USD), in Chile, Travel setup


For sale ASAP in Santiago/ central Chile, but willing to drive to meet you, make us an offer!

Toyota 4x4 4Runner 2003, V6, great fuel economy

We have absolutely loved travelling South America in this super reliable, very versatile car, and we hope you will too! We’re looking to sell it as soon as possible (so make us an offer!), in Santiago. Contact us at [email protected] or WhatsApp +54 9-11 5694-5536 to schedule a time to see the car and test drive it!

Honestly the best thing about the car is that it carries US PLATES, which has made border crossings and police stops SO extremely easy.  You do not have to be a US citizen to buy this car and have easy border crossings! We have all paperwork prepared to make the transfer to either a US citizen OR a foreigner! Buying a US car also allows you to avoid the raft of paperwork you would have to do if you were to buy a car plated in a South American country (if you buy a Chilean car, for example, you have to apply for a RUT Identification number, complete the emissions check and roadworthiness check, and 3 other forms and FEES).

The (wonderful) car:

• 2003 Toyota 4Runner Sport Edition
• Gasoline, V6, Automatic Transmission
• 4x4 with 2H, 4H, 4L, with/without Center differential lock
• Mileage: 221,000 (which seems like a lot, but come look at how awesome the engine still is, and we have meticulous service records)
• Fuel consumption approximately 12L/100Km with 87 Liter Full Tank (25+ mpg highway, which is awesome for a big 4x4)
• Full standard specs available @ http://www.cars.com/toyota/4runner/2003/specifications/?acode=USB30TOS072C0 with included optional features: Running boards, sliding sunroof, wind deflector, etc.


• All-weather, hard rubber floor maps for front seats - makes for easy clean-up from mud, snow, dirt, etc (trust us, these are crazy helpful)    http://www.weathertech.com/toyota/2003/4runner/floorliner-digitalfit/
• Window wind deflectors - able to crack the windows for ventilation without adverse weather coming in
• Dark Blue color with tinted windows - helps with being more hidden when wild camping and privacy when in cities

Service History since purchased:

• 195,350 - Complete car inspection, Oil & Filter changed, CV Boot replaced
• 197,225 - Engine and cabin air filter changed
• 199,998 - Oil & Filter Changed, Tires rotated, all four brakes and rotors serviced with new pads on rear
• 215,000 – Oil & Filter Changed
• 216,000 - Replaced spare tire
• Service we will take care of before selling:

  • When we purchased the car, the 4L and 2H did not engage. We will try to have the actuator replaced/repaired.
  • We will replace two windows (one is cracked, one is just plastic right now because the car was broken into when the previous owner had it) 
  • UPDATE: Both windows have been professionally replaced!

If we don’t have these services completed, we are of course willing to bring the price down to compensate!

Setup/Gear included:

• 2 burner stove with a *new* refillable 5kg propane tank
• Cooler (31 liter)
• Cooking/eating equipment
• Folding chairs
• Multiple storage bins
• Misc car gear (air compressor, tool set, spare parts, safety equipment, etc)

We (2 people) slept in this car very comfortably in all weather by folding the back seats flat and simply moving two storage bins from under the shelf to the front bucket seats. Each morning it took only a minute for us to restore the car to a normal layout to make space for hitchhikers who helped us pay for gas!

Toyota trucks (4Runners, Hiluxes) are the cars of choice in much of South America. You can get them repaired even in the smallest of towns.


A Swiss couple bought this car in Colorado, USA, and drove it to Ushuaia. There, a couple from Florida purchased it and took it to Columbia, where they sold it to a Slovakian (price was posted at $7000 since they were in a hurry to sell). He drove it back down to Puerto Natales, where we bought it after he had made some repairs and therefore posted it for $7500. When we bought it we had a mechanic check it out, and we had to argue with him that the odometer was reading in miles rather than kilometers, since he wouldn’t believe the engine was in such good shape with so many miles – we went back and forth four times, it was like a comedy. Point being, the engine is in great shape.


The car is titled and plated in Florida, USA in our name. We know a lot about the process and can help facilitate the process of the title transfer. US plates are very very helpful – they make border crossings extremely easy and you don’t have to do the loads of paperwork that many South American countries require if you buy a car plated in South America.


Price = $5,600 USD
Time – NOW

Please contact us at [email protected] or WhatsApp +54-9-11-5694-5536 for any additional information/pictures.

Michael and Yari

See more photos below in the attachments section!


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