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Toyota Corolla 2007 S, 1.8ltr VTi. Built in Canada, Registered (plates) in Ohio, USA. Expected Odometer by Santiago 248000km / 152000 Miles. Manual 5 speed gearbox. Average fuel consumption is 33 MPG.

We originally did a bit of modification to prepare for the trip: a kill switch for the fuel pump (makes it impossible to hotwire), 30% tinted windows, lockable gas cap, tamper proof lug nuts and licence plate bolts, a louder horn and a new Kenwood Bluetooth radio (KDC -BT558U), changed the space saver spare for a full size rim and new tyre (run on for approx 2000km).

She's in good mechanical condition, but has a fair amount of light bodywork scratches you might expect after 18 months crossing the Americas. I repair what i can. Inside condition is 9/10.
During the trip we've had to do a bit of work, including a new clutch in Costa Rica at 202000km and a new fuel pump and filter in Colombia.
Our only recurring issue has been related to the dirty fuel so I've change the fuel filter every 6 months and currently still have one spare so will probably do this again just before selling her (or can show new owner how to). I also use Liqui Moli Fuel Injector Cleaner every now and again which you just add to the tank and it flushes out the build up of gunk.
Also she had 4 new tyres in Peru/Ecuador and a full set of new lug nuts (so changing the tyres uber-easy). Obviously regular oil changes, fully synthetic when available (5W-30 preferred).
New front brake pads at 242000KM.

Other fully working features: air con & heater, 6 speakers, 4 electric windows, cruise control, electric mirrors, remote electric locks, front air bags, electric sun roof, front disc brakes, immobiliser
Comes with the following gear to ward off corrupt police: Fire extinguisher, 2 warning triangles, reflector vest

Essential tools/spares: Haynes manual, tyre pressure gauge, ratchet spanner set, spark plug socket, screwdrivers, jack with 2 wheel spanners, jump leads, tow rope, 2 spare fuel pumps, 2 puncture repair kits, touch up paint, headlight cleaner, windscreen crack repair kit. OBDII iOS device (plugs into computer port and generates error codes and displays all engine and sensor readings on any iOS device. Able to reset engine error codes - totally essential piece of kit)

Also we have a bunch of camping stuff which I won't list here but can detail out to any interested parties.

Available in Santiago de Chile from 8th April 2016.


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Just wanted to say I'm proud

Hello, I justed wanted say how proud I am of you all. I think it's so wonderful that you all did this trip in your Car. What a fantastic story. Good luck with the sale, take car.

Sat, 02/13/2016 - 06:01 (Reply to #2)

Cheers Bernard. Its been a

Cheers Bernard. Its been a total pleasure!

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i'm interessted in your car. Please send me some more details. Is this the gas engine with 122hp?

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Hi Felix,

Sorry for the late reply. I don't get notifications when i get a reply.

It is gas, runs on US grade 87 octane or higher, which is basically anything is South America. Acording to the online specs it has 129HP! 

Additionally to the advert its now got brand new front brake pads. Probably best to email or whatsapp any other questions so i can respond quicker. [email protected] +447714205108. Phone only works with whatsapp.