***SOLD*** Toyota HiAce (high- rooftop) Campervan - Chile (ideally Valparaiso / Viña del Mar area)

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***SOLD*** Toyota HiAce (high- rooftop) Campervan - Chile (ideally Valparaiso / Viña del Mar area)

FOR SALE: Toyota HiAce Campervan - Chile (ideally Valparaiso / Viña del Mar area)

I, a Swiss lady, who bought this beauty from a Swiss couple earlier this year, is selling a Toyota HiAce with rooftop FIT to travel during all seasons (comes with all you need for summer & winter)

The rooftop enables you to stand up in the vehicle. I bough the Van from a Surfer’s couple who have built the inside of the Van themselves (so basically all interior dates back to January - May 2017 and is pretty much new). Set-up lets you expand or convert to your own needs. I have contact details of family who helped me convert the Van - they are happy to help you also, in case you wanted anything changed. You could think of adding Solar Panels on the roof, for instance.

When I bought the Van, and since I’m not a surfer, and I was travelling through Patagonia in winter, I converted it to fit my needs:

  • new Wooden Panels all around for extra insulation, a new floor (water-resistant easy to maintain robust floor with a lovely wooden effect)
  • added a new cooking stove with a 11l gas bottle (cooked almost three times per day as I travelled during winter and also used the stove to heat up the Van sometimes and 1 bottle lasted me about 3 months. I guess it would last you much longer in summer as you would probably consume less).
  • installed a black-out blind for extra insulation and also for extra darkness for those days when you want to sleep in (probably the best feature in the Van and has been used & abused - so you may want to buy a new one. Use the old one as a template and simply install new one…ta da!).
  • Shelves for more storage & a lovely spice rack in the kitchen area
  • More security: metal bars on side windows x2 and back window in case you plan to travel to ‘riskier’ countries & metal hook at back of the door (someone tried to open the Van once and failed miserably thanks to it….), security chain for front doors which makes it impossible to get into the Van (the ONLY way to get into the Van is by smashing the front window…) - I added all these security measures because my plan was initially to travel to Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil etc. and wanted to make sure that it was going to be nearly impossible to get into the Van.
  • Double-floored small box to hide laptop, camera & valuables.
  • Brand-new radio with USB & Blueetooth. Also a new set of speakers which I didn't bother using as the old ones worked fine. You could install them at the back for more music (you can play radio while car is switched off - just be careful with battery...but if you install additional battery / solar panels, this could be a great option).

The main features are:

  • Ample storage space in the 6 storage boxes (one of the boxes has been varnished by previous owners for additional water protection (surf gear)) underneath the 'sofa' cussions.
  • The main element is the table, which can be set up so 4 people can sit and eat comfortably. Table converts the space into a huge bed (155cm wide and 185cm long) with super comfortable 10cm foam mattress (honestly, I sometimes crave sleeping in the Van because hostel / hotel beds are the worst).
  • Curtains all throughout
  • Blankets for summer & winter (including goose down duvet - which will all come washed and ready to use for you)
  • Storage space for Kitchen Utensils & Food.
  • 2x sets of Snow chains (1 brand-new un-used) & 4 x sets of Ice chains (yes, I travelled in the Patagonian winter with this beauty come Ice, come snow…).
  • Hammer, screws, anything you can think of to keep maintenance of inside living space & for any minor repair work
  • Security 'Safe' box attached to car to put in your valuables

It’s a Van where you can sleep, eat and relax inside. I spent 4 long winter months travelling with this beauty where I spent many days inside and I loved it!

It comes with all the necessary camping equipment and car gear you need to travel around happily and safely (see pictures). There are LED lights and 2 x 12V plugs in the van. In addition there is a big battery powered light. It’s not a hand-me-down campervan. It used to be an old ambulance until the lovely Swiss couple bought it from a middle-man and converted it with the modern traveller in mind. I simply extended it to my needs.

The van has Chilean plates and all papers are “al dia”. In contrary to popular belief it’s possible to leave the country with the van – just the correct paperwork is necessary (easy & fast to get through a notary - the whole process takes a few hours). You only need to show the Aduana the law & your declaration jurada and you’re all good - it’s in the LAW - so you are absolutely safe to cross borders between Chile & Argentina - I did not have any problems!). The “permission circular” and “seguro obligatorio” is valid till March 2018 and the “revision tecnica” till October 2018. The insurance for all Mercosur countries expired in August 2017 (you can just extend to your needs - there are various options for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months etc).


  • Toyota HiAce 1999
  • 2,4L engine (confirmed to me time and time again: The motor is an absolute beauty!)
  • Mileage upon selling ~255’000km
  • Fuel Usage: around 11L petrol (95) per 100km (if you travel at an average of 80 km/h like I did, roughly 9l / 100km).
  • No AC but heating and cooling works
  • new Radio / CD (with Blueetooth connection and USB plugs) with Aux Cable
  • Everything is manual. No electrical nonsense.

The van is in good condition and runs smoothly. Toyotas are known to be reliable. Parts are cheap and are widely available all over South America. I changed the oil and filter every 5000km. Never had any problems! Not even travelling in the ice-cold Patagonian winter. One time the engine wouldn’t start because I left the lights on unknowingly. Jumper cables were therefore used once! ;)

There is one tiny little ‘cosmetically / superficial' issue: You can see from the photo that the right body work has suffered quite a few bumps and scratches…I underestimated the proximity to a wall……….oops…......But, it’s literally just cosmetical stuff. Since nothing is wrong with the motor / car itself, I didn’t see the need to spend the money to have the bodywork repaired…You could do it but I personally wouldn’t bother.

Equipment: (see pictures)

  • Sleeping Bags, Pillows, Blankets and Bed Sheets (for winter & summer)
  • 26L Electric Cooler. Works with 12V or 220V—> lost it, so you would have to buy again: 220V Converter for laptops and other electrical gear
  • 20L water canister with handpump
  • 2 pots and 2 pans, cups and glasses, plates and cutlery and all necessary kitchen ware
  • in-built gas stove with 11l gas bottle & 1 small camping 'stove'
  • 20L Solar Shower, Solar Camping Light and Solar USB Charger
  • 2 Folding Camping Chairs & Table
  • Misc. Car Gear (Spare tire, 10L Petrol Canister, 800amp Starter Cables, 4t Car Jack, 12V Air Compressor and safety gear, 2x snow chains & 4x ice chains)
  • 2 insulaton mats which can be used for extra protection during winter (for windows) or as pic-nic / yoga mats.
  • Small heater 

Selling the van NOW. I’ll be here until the Van is sold (am flexible to stay until December but ideally looking to sell it ASAP) in Vina del Mar, Valparaiso area. I'm based in Concon.

Glad to assist you with any necessary paperwork and the buying process is pretty straight forward. I can explain everything to you and help you with everything. The most important thing before you buy a car in Chile, is to get a RUT! This takes 10-15min and in my experience should be done in a SIS office in more remoter areas (I heard the process in Santiago is more complicated for foreigners). I did it in Viña del Mar and it was a process of 10min. Then we can go to the notary together and have the sale sealed. I can explain the whole process to you in more detail via PM!!

Price: Open to offers.

Contact me via E-mail [email protected].