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Always wanted to travel around in a Volkswagen Kombi? This is your chance! It's the most beautiful and comfortable way of travelling and this 'partner in crime' won't disappoint!

"Lulu" is a Volkswagen Kombi from 1990 and has all you need when you travel around South America. It is in really good condition: engine, electric and interior. It comes with a stove, XL bed, lights, tables and lots of storage space. Basically, it's ready to go! No worries about 'where to get the stuff' because it's already in there. 

We're in Ecuador, near Cuenca, and prefer to sell it here, in Colombia or Peru.

Asking price is $6500; if this seems like a lot.... just check out the extended list of all the goodies that comes with the van:

* Stove, including gas tank, regulator and tubes
* Kitchen utilities such as a cooler, plates, cups, pans, cutlery and also a ton of spices all ready to be used :)
* A foldable picnic table you can set up wherever you like, including 2 chairs
* XL size bed (2 meter x 2 meter) with 2 pillows (nice ones, actually) and 2 sets of sheets (so you can get your washing done ;)
* A LOT OF STORAGE SPACE! It has a built-in cabinet with different  units and underneath the bed there are more compartments for storage
* Imperial on the roof that allows you to pack bigger stuff such as surfboards
* Curtains, including one for the front window so that you can block the sun and sleep in if you like
* A hammock for adults, and there is a set up for a hammock for a little kid that can be set up in the front of the car
* Nice leather pockets built in for stuff to keep in close reach
* A set up with a tarp and poles, easily constructed from the roof that will provide shade and shelter from the rain whenever you like 
* A basic tool set, including wrench, screwdrivers, electrical meter, grease, tire pump etc.
* All safety equipment need for South America including a jack, tow pole, emergency triangles etc.
* Outdoor shower bag, washing line, gasoline jug and some more convienent stuff when you travel
* A VW Kombi maintance and instruction manual

This VW Kombi has been well taken care of... check the list of maintenance we have done to keep her in perfect shape:

* New Engine rebuilt (May 2017) since then only 3000km ridden
* Steering alignment and parts replaced 
* New steering gear box 
* New battery 
* New altenator 
* Electrics check 
* New brakes 
* Some spots that had started to rust have been welded and repainted

Paperwork will be done through a "PODER" which gives you the power to act as the owner of the bus; so you can travel borders and will be able to sell it whenever you want (a very common practice in South America amongst travellers and we can provide you with a list of information). The van has Paraguayan plates and can officially transport 6 people. The van has a paid for SOAT (insurance) for Colombia till November 2017.


For photo's check:

Or contact us through email: [email protected]

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