**SOLD**'07 Toyota 4runner//Santiago,Chile//January 2019 (now)

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**SOLD**'07 Toyota 4runner//Santiago,Chile//January 2019 (now)

2007 Toyota 4Runner for sale
Santiago, Chile
From January 8, 2019
$9,000.00 USD OBO

Our trip is coming to a close and we are sadly selling our incredibly reliable 2007 Toyota 4Runner, Automatic, RWD. With currently 203,000km on the clock, the car has never failed to get us there and back in the last 10 months/30,000km. With big beefy tyres and 300mm/12" of ground clearance even the roughest South American roads don't phase it.

This car helped us keep our tight budget with its fantastic gas mileage averaging 9L/100kms( 31mpg). We have meticulously maintained the car with oil/filter changes every 5,000km.

10,000km ago we had the mechanics carry out a major service which included:
-Engine oil/filter change
-Automatic gearbox oil/filter change
-Rear differential oil change
-Engine air filter change
-New shock absorber bushings installed and all other bushes greased
-Front brake rotors machined and new brake pads installed.

We installed a bed base/set of drawers that a fits a double mattress and easily folds back to allow the second row seats to sit upright and carry 3 more adults comfortably.
The drawers house all of your cooking pots, pans, utensils, and supplies, and we have covered the lids in plastic adhesive to allow for cutting/easy to clean kitchen space. Finally, and possibly the most unique aspect of our installation, is the secret compartment hidden behind one of the drawers where you can keep safe all of your important documents, electronics, and cash (and even precious fruit/veg/nuts/seeds/etc at border crossings).

Equipment included in the sale:
-12vdc refrigerator big enough to fit at least 24 beers.
-1x gas single burner stove top
-1x Coleman 2 burner stove top
-1x Doite portable stove top
-5kg Chilean gas bottle
- Double bed mattress, fitted sheets, and 4 pillows
- King sized duvet/comforter
- King sized woolen blanket
- Combination of pots and frying pans
- Kitchen knife set (4) w/sharpener
- 2x plates, 2x small bowls, 2x large bowls
- Tupperware containers
- 2x10L (2.5 gallon) water containers
- 1x20L (5 gallon) gasoline container
- 2x 2mx4m tarps for those rainy days
- 1x inflatable single matress w/electric pump (best used for floating down rivers)
+ Many other small usefull bits and pieces

Licence/insurance info:
-The car is covered with basic insurance through mid-April 2019
-Revision Technica is valid thrugh October 2019

Additional things to note:
- minor scratches on the bumpers/doors
- little dint on the tailgate(previous owner)
- Front right fog light cover missing (previous owner)

We chose to tackle this adventure with a Toyota 4runner because of their notorious reliability. We wanted to sustain ultimate confidence in heading away from civilization for days or even weeks at a time and we will be forever thankful for our decision to navigate SA in this lovely 4Runner. We drove north from Santiago, Chile to Santa Marta, Colombia, and then back down south to Patagonia. This car allowed us to live out our dream safely and efficiently and we would love nothing more than to sell her to more fellow travelers.

The car will be available for purchase in Santiago, Chile from Jan, 2019 with a sale price of $9,000.00 USD OBO

Please feel free to email us with any questions. Additional photos available.
[email protected]

Thank you,
Hillary and Blair.

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Sun, 01/13/2019 - 05:54

May be interested...

Email me & maybe we can work something out :)

[email protected]