SOLD!!!Fully equipped Mitsubishi Montero Sport 4x4 for SALE, Mid NOVEMBER 2016 - Santiago de Chile

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SOLD!!!Fully equipped Mitsubishi Montero Sport 4x4 for SALE, Mid NOVEMBER 2016 - Santiago de Chile



We are a young Aussie couple on our first overlanding adventure, travelling through Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. Unfortunately, our trip can´t last forever and we must sell our trusty vehicle before we fly to the States to continue our trip on November 23rd. We are looking to sell our car in Santiago, Chile within the week or two prior.

The car is a fully equiped 2003 Mitsubishi Montero Sport. It's a 4x4, able to drive on any kind of roads you may cross. We have discovered this is very important in South America since a lot of roads are gravel with many potholes.

What we mean by fully equiped is that it is a complete house on wheels, with a tent on the roof, a fridge, a 2 fires gas stove, a 40L water tank, plenty of storage space, extra batteries to charge virtually anything you need (including computers!) and camping gear!

The car is registered in Canada which alleviates a lot of paperwork, especially to sell the car and makes crossing borders a breeze. We just need to go to the notarial office and the redtape can be done within the hour! 

The car will have something like 255 000 kms at the end of our trip. Of course, it is not a brand new car so expect some scars and small things that have been fixed but it is in great shape and we will have done a mechanical review before selling. It is and has been very well maintained, with oil and air filters regularly changed. The Mitshubishi Montero is a great model, very reliable and spare parts are easy to find.

At the beginning of our trip we refurbished the car with new kitchen equipment, new storage boxes, new linen, pillows and blankets (enough to keep you warm in below freezing temperatures!)

The rooftop tent allows for free camping every night, everwhere from beautifully peaceful beaches to the middle of bustling cities, plus it provides a great source of interaction with curious locals!

We are asking for AUD $7750 ( approx 5250 Euro).


More details about the car:

2/3 person car (there are only the 2 front seats but there is a seat belt in the back too)
2003 Mitsubishi Montero Sport LS
Will have: 255,000km
3.0 l V6 Gasoline Engine (DOHC 24V)
Automatic Transmission (4-Speed)
Fuel consumption: depending on street conditions approx. 12 L / 100km

4-Wheel Drive with the following operating modes:

- AWD with centre differential
- 4H centre differential locked
- 4L low gear with centre differential locked
- automatic differential break at rear axle

All Terrain Tyres
Electric Windows

FM transmitter for any MP3 or audio player.

Officially registered and licensed to owner in British Columbia / CANADA

Camping Equipment (back seats removed to give space):

- Columbus Rooftop Tent medium size (see for details) with queen size matress and comfy pillows mounted on roof rack. This is a tent on the roof, it is soooo comfy and easy to use to camp anywhere without having to mount a tent! (Is is good to note that this tent is already costing 2000-3000 AUD$ alone)
- 2 flame Coleman propane stove with additional adaptor for American propane bottles. The stove is powered by a big gas container on the car. Enough gas for weeks!
- All basic kitchen equipment (plates, cutlery, cups, tupperware, pots & pans, electric sandwich toaster, bread toaster for stove)
- A camping table and two camping chairs
- Large tarpaulin 
- Sink with electric pump and 40 litre (10 gal) fresh water tank (pump is not currently in working order however replacing it is a quick and inexpensive job, we just havent felt the need to do it)

- Compressor fridge
- Additional camping battery 12V/100Ah independent from car battery (relay switch). Charged while engine is running.
- 12VDC –> 120VAC voltage converter for charging of e.g. Camera / Laptop batteries
- Additional fully automatic 115V electronic charger for camping battery if external electricity is available.
- 230V –> 115V transformer if only 230V mains voltage is available
- Various storage compartments for camping equipment, luggage, tools & food - we carry 50kg of luggage and groceries to last three weeks and have more than enough space.

Tools, Spare Parts, other equipment:
- Tool box with most necessary tools (wrench, nuts, screw driver, etc.)
- Tire repair kit
- Multi-Meter (Voltage, Current, Resistance, etc.)
- Glue and Duct tape
- 2 safety triangles
- Fire extinguisher
- Towing cable
- Oil filters
- Spark plugs
- One full size spare tire
- An extra air filter (new)
- 8L spare petrol tank

We really love this car and have found it the best way to travel through South America. The overlanding community have such great resources it makes it an easy and incredible journey for anyone to take, we highly recommend this method of travel!

If you´re interested or have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or via Whatsapp on +61450698854.

For more pictures of the car and our trip, see our flickr album at 

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