Super smooth Mitsubishi Montero Sport for sale

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Super smooth Mitsubishi Montero Sport for sale

Mitsubishi Montero Sport, Chilean plates, available mid-Februari (in order of preference in Futaleufu, Pucon or Santiago), 7500 euro or best offer

Hi all,
Unfortunately the moment has come where I am going to have to say goodbye to my trusted travel companion who has been with me for the past 13 months.

I haven't used the car for the typical overland type of travel, since I was on a mostly kayaking-oriented trip. For this I needed to have space in the back of the car and seats for my kayak buddies. So I ended up never building a bed inside. In the end I was really happy with this however, as it had the added benefit that in the evenings or on the occassional rainy day I could sit and relax in the back of the car enjoying the amazing scenery or southern hemisphere sky.
If needed, a bed could easily be done within a day or two though, but -as said- wasn't useful for my type of travelling.

All in all it's a very spacious car. I travelled with lots of kayak gear yet never really needed the rear seats for storage. Even on roadtrips with three kayakers carrying kayak and camping gear, we always had ample space, and still able to use the rear view mirror.
Otherwise the drive is smooth and completely hassle-free. Had an oil change done just last week, and also a wheel alignment, so it really feels like new!!
It comes with the full 4x4 package, so getting stuck is almost impossible. I've taken the car through Patagonian autumn, Bolivian altiplano winter and Pucón spring, while wild camping and sleeping in the car wherever possible. It has seen smooth Argentinean tarmac roads, carretera austral ripio, altiplano tracks, Chileno sandy beaches and it never faulted me once. That is also the reason in doesn't come with tools, because I simply never needed them and to this day I don't expect I will.

If you're interested let me know. Use facebook or whatsapp +56933215396 (might be better, as internet connection here is quite bad)

- 3 Liter engine V6
- Year: 2006
- Transmission: manual
- Mileage: 192.000 km at the moment
- 4x4 with 4x4 high gear, 4x4 low gear with additional rear diff lock
- Mist lights front
- Electronic windows and mirrors
- Roof bars
- Tow bar (if only for protection)
- Full spare wheel + tool set for tire change
- New battery (end of October)
- Alarm system
- Code to start engine
- Steering wheel lock
- Central door locking (automatic)
- Privacy glass rear
- Rear window blinders (2sets) for more privacy
- Carpet + rubber floor mats
- Fire extinguisher, safety vest and triangle (2x)

- Radio with CD player
- Aux cable to plug into phone, music player
- Towing cable

- Tire repair set
- Starter cables
- 12V Air pump for inflating tires
- Converter 12V - > 220V for charging your laptop, phone, camera batteries etc.

- Double stove + single stove
- Cooking utensils (pans, plates, forks, knives, bread toaster, etc)
- Cooler box 12V
- Foldable water canister (super convenient)
- 10 ltr Jerry car (so far only used for water)
- Camping lights (2x)
- Boxes for storage
- 12V vacuum cleaner
- Car has additional storage under the floor (inside)

- 2 person tent (decathlon)
- Air pump (foot pump)
- Duvet
- Pillow
- Possibly air mattress, but currently leaking so depends whether I decide to buy a new one or not.


Obviously with all the paperwork that is needed (revision technica until January 2020)

I'll post some more picture from exterior, once I can drive on dust free roads for two days in a row ;-)


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