Suzisantiago is a scam

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Suzisantiago is a scam

Suzisantiago is a scam.

I'm not one to complain or to leave bad reviews, but what I'm about to say has to be said. Mainly I want to prevent anyone else to go through what we went through, secondly I want to stop these guys from earning money off of other backpackers.
The 'company' based in Santiago known as Suzisantiago provides help to overlanders, claiming to help you with everything but mainly with acquiring a proper car. The whole process for getting the paperwork done is tedious, but can perfectly be done by yourself. Truth be told, this was the best part of the service Suzisantiago provided. Everything went really fast and we had our RUT within hours. That's the moment they ask you to pay (210.000pesos = 285€) them however, and also the end of the good service.
They said they would help us find the car we wanted within a few days, 10 days max. They didn't respect any of our wishes, budgetwise and cartypewise. They are skilled manipulators though, so after a few days we found ourselves having allmost doubled our budget for a far smaller car. At first they send us a few cars each day, but eventually they didn't do anything unless we specifically asked them to speed things up (which was supposed to be part of the service).

When you do find a car you like (at this moment liking a car had become accepting a car as a possibility), they send you to a garage to have it checked. The garage they choose however, charges more for the basic check than the usual garage, doesn't bother to do a decent check, and charges ridiculous rates to fix things. Ridiculous as in triple what other garages ask. We found this out after going to a garage of our own which was recommended by friends in Santiago.
Eventually we started looking for cars of our own and did everything ourselves, which was quite easy. They asked us to go to "their" notaria because another one wouldn't be able to provide us with all the necessary papers, but again this was completely untrue. I don't know for sure, but I assume this notaria would have 'special' rates as well.

One month later we met British overlanders who bought their furnished campervan from these same guys (Noam and Daniel, aka Suzisantiago) and they had a very similar story plus some extras. The car was badly furnished with screws sticking out the outsides (1cm that is). They had a build-in stove which required a gastank. The tank had a horizontal storage space so it had to lay down! This is really dangerous and especially in an enclosed area can lead to a silent dead overnight. They had this confirmed by a specialist and Daniel's response to this problem via whatsapp was a thumbsup-sign. That's how they deal with problems usually. Mainly because they are stoned a lot of the time.

50km outside of Santiago their car broke down and they had to change all the filters. Later in Chaitén they had to wait 4 days for a new petrol pump to arrive from Coyhaique because theirs had been acting up for the last two weeks and eventually shut down entirely.

I know the proces of finding a car in Santiago isn't easy and can be quite daunting. But trust me, you're waaay better of on your own. Just ask people here for advice, it will be a lot cheaper and probably better as well.

Sun, 10/29/2017 - 03:04

Really unfortunate to hear.

Really unfortunate to hear. Thanks for sharing your experience. 

Thu, 06/21/2018 - 12:05 (Reply to #2)

Ban suziesantiago?

You're not the first person who has complained about this user - should we kick her off the site?

Thu, 10/11/2018 - 17:24

Hi all!

Hi all!

Has anyone used recently the services of Suzi Santiago? Is the company reliable?


Sun, 12/02/2018 - 16:55

Regarding your experience.

I am sorry for your bad experience. You came with an extremely low budget (1.5milion) and you were explained from the beginning that the only reliable car you could buy for that small budget is a very simple hatchback (suzuki alto or so). you seemed to understand that at the first meeting, but after you paid for the service you suddenly started insisting on a big 4x4 SUV and van without stretching the budget higher. we recommend a budget of 4.500.000 to 7.500.000 for these type of vehicles. About the garage: 25,000 for an inspection is not considered expensive, there are way more expensive places. (we do not recommend doing inspections for 10,000CLP at cheap garages) we do not receive any commission from the garage and we also provide a second quote from another garage to give a comparison to the client. it is not obligatory to use the garages we recommend but it's part of why you hired us. The notary we use is known to be the best in Santiago, we do not receive any commission from them except for fast access for us and our clients (no standing in line). You ended up buying on your own a Fiat doblo maxi(crappy model) with 250,000KM which obviously didn't take you too far and broke in Argentina (i can see you left a bad review to a garage in argentina as well). These things doesn't happen to clients who take our advice and use a proper garage.
I think you don't fully understand the definition of scammers and burglars, you seem like that type that enteres mcdonalds, doesn't like the taste of the burger and end up calling them scammers (I saw a bad review you left on a restaurant in switzerland). And about the guys you met: bad fuel pump in a mitsubishi L300 is a common problem and its cheap to fix (cheaper than what you paid for the bad car you bought on your own). And they also built it on their own so here's your answer to the sticking screws and what not.
I wish you all the best, if you need more info feel free to contact me.

Best regards,
Daniel Safra

Thu, 12/06/2018 - 07:45

I would like to comment on

I would like to comment on this topic. I came to Chili at end of October 2018 and wanted to buy a car/van in Santiago. Red all the stories about Suzi Santiago so I was not sure if I wanted to make use of their service. I had my doubts as I think most have when reading the comments about Suzi Santiago here on this forum or Facebook. After having had some contact I decided to make use of Suzi Santiago.

We had the RUT within 2 hours. They have  basically there own line at the notary. Very convenient. They helped us out with all the rest of the paperwork to buy a campervan.
Next to that I attended a boarder class session at Suzi Santiago with some other overlanders. Very informative about do’s and dont’s travelling through South America. I crossed boarders multiple times between Chili and Argentina and mainly due to that session had no problems at all.
Also during the trip I can rely on assistance of Suzi in case of boarder crossing or technical advise of the car. They are willing to help. After 21 days they collected my padron and forwarded to me
via email. I didn’t have to go to any office.

I don’t have experience with Suzi Santiago finding a car as we had found the car by ourself via this forum. We did a technical check before buying the car via Suzi Santiago and that was an extended check (took 2 hours for CLP 25.000). Apparantly they have a mechanic working at there place but we didn’t make use of this service.

Maybe yes the stories in the past were not in favor of Suzi Santiago. But I think they are getting more professional. They are moved to a different place and have hired this summer 2 extra staff to get things done.

After all I truly recommend Suzi Santiago and the fee I paid was well worth the money.

Tue, 12/18/2018 - 09:15


Hi everybody,

A year ago, when I finished my almost 1 year long trip in South America, I was also about to write some comment. But then, when I calculated all and got to the point it is like 50 - 50, I decided to skip it. 

But here is a short version. If you are able to cope with the fact, that they behave pretty arogantly, they are always late, they change the plans, and they lie to you all the time, then I must say and agree that they did fulfill everything I asked for. I came to get the RUT and get some tips for the car and this happened and it happened pretty fast. Behaviour is one thing, but if you can make it (it was more difficult for me as I ´m a totally different person than they are and most travellers are), then they will get you the RUT and they have the experience and knowledge.

That is a fact, I arrived in Santiago on Sunday, Sunday evening I visited them, and on Tuesday I had a RUT, eve thougt there was a strike, I had my car already chosen via internet and I was able to leave Santiago in my new car and all garage works done in 14 days. That is it.

Of course, as their businnes lasts longer and longer, you also expect them to buy cars and sell them to overlanders with some margin, but well this doesnt surpsise me, this is a standard business behaviour. Also, former manager of GoodYear garage doesnt work there anymore, so this garage has lost half of its potential. But well, I mean, find the car by yourself, ask Suzi for RUT help, pay them for RUT help, and do the rest by your own. But their RUT service I can really recomend.

I can see from your posts that you are well similar to me, but I can guarantee to you this is not an average traveller. Average traveller cares more about joga matrace and zen atmosphere, than if the screws are sticking out of outside of the car. That is it and that is what they are likely fitting theyir businnes to.


Sun, 11/17/2019 - 17:20


I have to say that the comments about Suzi Santiago don't tally with my experiences at all. I arrived in Santiago last March with the intention of buying a car for an extended South American trip. I enlisted the help of Daniel and Noam as I speak no Spanish and had no South American experience. They helped me find the car I wanted at a price I was happy with and explained and expedited the form filling and paperwork necessary to buy it, insure it and enable it to cross borders without aggravation. Their fee was well earned, and a bargain.
After that trip Daniel found me secure storage for my car, retrieved it for me on my return last week and enlisted Carla, the paperwork wizard at SS to update and refresh all the documentation so I can resume my travels. I found this company to be competent, efficient, knowledgeable and friendly, and very good value for money.