TOYOTA 4Runner Silver For Sale (Clean Title, California Plate)

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#1 Fri, 11/24/2017 - 16:23

TOYOTA 4Runner Silver For Sale (Clean Title, California Plate)

We are Jack and Ruby, from China.

We bought this SUV in San Francisco (California, US) in June, 2016, to drive around the whole America (from North America to South America).

This car is very precious to us, it keeps very good condition during 18 months in America we spent with it. We checked it every month and never found any problem with it. 

All the hubs and tires are changed to very good for all the road conditions. Although it is a RWD SUV, we went though many tough roads with it, the mobility over unprepared terrain of this car is excellent. We love it, for ever.

With leather seats, power sunroof, air-conditioner,seat heaters, all the facilities of this car are functional.

You can put the back seat down to make room for 2 persons to sleep in the car if you need. It's a very good idea to spend the night in the car in many national parks.

Don't hesitate to contact me though what's app (+86 137 9194 0045), or email: [email protected], We all be very glad to share our experience of our road trip, and to make friends through this deal.

The car is registered in US, with clean title, to travel around the whole America, you can ship this car from Columbia to Panama very easily. 

We can drive this car to any cities of Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, for your conveniece.

This is a RWD car, not 4*4, but we drove this car through the Copper Canyon, Mexico and UYUNI to Atacama Desert of Chile, I can show you the pictures.


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