Toyota Land Cruiser FJ 60 (1985) for sale, 5500US$

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Toyota Land Cruiser FJ 60 (1985) for sale, 5500US$

Dear Travelers
we sell our beloved camper Land Cruiser in Chile/Pichilemu.
The truck has Californian plates. I can sell it only to tourists.We drove the truck in 2 years all the way down. It's still in a good condition. In Bolivia, where labor is cheap, we changed all breaks and seals (front wheels) in a "swiss" garage. Worked on some rust issues and changed some gaskets and seals. The flying wheel we changed in Ecuador and tires complete in Peru.
If you flip the backseat, you can slide a plywood from the back where you easy and confi sleep on it ( ca. 1,9 x 1,4 x 0,65 ( space to ceiling))
Under fits perfect 2 big boxes and you still have a lot of space.
The truck comes with a big roof rack, heaps of camping stuff, canister, tent, blanket, gas bottle, stove, tools and repair kit, spare tire and parts, etc.
It's the perfect truck for South America. It brings you every where!
It takes fuel, no diesel , and is a manual.

The truck is for his age in a good shape but has some minor issue.
Please, write me for more infos and photos. [email protected]m

Asking price is 5500US$

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Wed, 02/06/2013 - 16:24

is sold

the truck is sold