Traveling South America with a borrowed car

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#1 Mon, 01/28/2019 - 11:58

Traveling South America with a borrowed car


My girlfriend and I are currently staying with relatives in Santiago. We are planning to take a 6 month road trip around South America, visiting Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. We were initially thinking of trying to buy a car under our names to make the trip but our relatives offered that we could use one of their cars, provided we put the insurance in our names. Would it be possible to cross into the countries we would like to visit with an arrangement like this? What kind of paper work would be required? By us buying the insurance would our relatives be free of all financial responsibility in the event of an accident?

The relatives we are staying with is a cousin who is a Chilean permanent resident and his girlfriend who is a full Chilean citizen.

Any help would be appreciated,