VAN 4x4 specially equipped FOR SALE - Sept/Oct 2018 - CHILE

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VAN 4x4 specially equipped FOR SALE - Sept/Oct 2018 - CHILE

Hey future travelers ! We're french (sorry for our bad english) and our trip to South America come to the end in October 2018, that’s why we are selling our adventure companion "l'Ambuvan". This Van was an ambulance 4xx4 that we have built into a small house.

Available around September 15th in Chile. We know the buying process because we bought it in Santiago.

Its main qualities are:
- 4x4 and compact vehicle to take all the paths without trouble. Sleep in remote areas rather than in car parks or campsites.

- vehicle that does not attract attention, does not make tourists. "Is it an ambulance? Generally there is doubt. More discreet than campers, caravans … (ideal in some sensitive areas of South America)

- Diesel vehicle: much cheaper than gasoline

- Reinforced suspensions

- Independent energetically: Between the transformers, the secondary battery, the solar panel and the two USB plugs connected to the solar panel, it is impossible to run out of electricity during the trip.

- Nissan Navara is a popular model in Chile. Robust and reliable in altitude (Passages to more than 4700 meters of altitude without any problem).

« House » Description :
Kitchen: 2 gaz cookers, a sink whose tap can be pulled out to make outdoor shower, an electric freezer
40 liters of drinking water + 26 liters of solar shower (autonomy of about 3-4 days, possibility to fill the water at each service station)
Chemical toilet
2 folding benches and 1 folding table transforming into a bed
Comfort mattress
Lots Storages
Interior decoration: garland, paintings, cushions, …
Utensils to cook
Thermal insulation of all walls and ceiling
Sheets and blanket
Thermometer inside and outside
Small vacuum cleaner
Jerrican 20L additional gasoline
Complete tooling bag with screwdriver, jigsaw and battery-powered circular saw. Socket case and turn aims in case of problem.
Battery Booster

Description Energy:
Independent new secondary battery recharge by the solar panel and by the alternator of the car when it’s running
Solar panel with 2 USB plugs
External socket to power the van (in case of stopping in a campsite or home)
2 transformers 12V-220V (cabin vehicle + cell)

Pick-up Description :
Nissan Navara 2.5 DIESEL of 2011
Chilean vehicle
180,000 KM
Clim and heating
Turbo changed in May
Emptying and filter changed (oil, gas oil and area) every 10,000 kilometers
Up-to-date technical inspection
Traffic permit up to date

Here is a video "How to use" that we made to show our family how we lived in the van (this can help you): https: // V = mA2Qr7M7cY4

PRICE: 17 500 $us
As an indication, a Nissan Navara alone without the cell behind costs in the 13 000 $us.

We are available at the rate of wifi connections,

You can contact us by the forum or by whatsapp at the following number: +33 6 61 05 22 17 or by email : [email protected] to have more information and pictures.
We will answer you as soon as possible.

Quentin and Elsa