Van for sale Chile April - The perfect van for people with a smaller budget and looking for some comfort

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Van for sale Chile April - The perfect van for people with a smaller budget and looking for some comfort


The perfect van for people with a smaller budget and looking for some comfort!

We are currently in Santiago de Chile to sell our beloved Moby. It has served us well over the last few months and has been a great camping buddy.

Well under the average priced equiped vans, with this car you get A LOT for your buck.

Biggest perks for us were:
- The extremely good consumption, almost 5.5L/100km or about 18km/L.
Seeing as this is a diesel car, this means spending HALF of the money on gas as with a regular 4x4. Half is a lot, if you know that gas eats a big chunck of your budget. Spending 1500€ instead of 3000€ on a couple of months driving, yes please!

- It has a big 60L tank so you can go 1000km without a gasstation!
This will save you a lot of worrying and planning. It might even save you money as you will be able to do routes other cars can't, unless equiped with extra cans.

- The back, in which we made a bed, is just that bit bigger than the usual van. The mattress is 190cm long. Yes, it's a considerable difference with a Fiorino.
Also, when sleeping, you haven't got your face pressed up against the ceiling as with most 4x4 in which you can sleep. It doesn't feel like sleeping in a coffin, perk much! You can even sit up right and read a book before falling asleep. This might not seem like much, but trust me it is. During bad weather, which does happen, it's sooo nice to be able to enjoy the warmth of your car and get under the blankets, without having to sit on the frontseats. You'll be in the front enough.

- It's incognito as it looks like a regular van.
As long as you park it smart, nothing will happen. It doesn't look like there will be a lot of valueable stuff inside.

-The spacious front.
Again, if you are a bit taller it's nice to drive with your knees under the steeringwheel instead of on both sides. Being able to move around freely was always comforting. It also has a well placed "shelf" at the top which makes for a perfect stowaway-spot for stuff you might need while driving. Easy to reach and very big.

-It's a manual car.
This might be personal, but I always prefer manual to automatic. It feels a bit more real and gives more possibilities. Especially going downhill, which tends to happen in SA.

General information:
Fiat Doblo Maxi from 2010. It has a 1.3L engine and 238.000km.
It has 4 fairly new tires (about 10.000km old). It has a new clutch disk and a new MAF-sensor. We changed the oil and filters about every 8.000km. Before we sell it we will do another service and have the alignment done anew.

As I said, we build a basic but comfortable bed in the back, under which there is a lot of room to store stuff. We will also provide you with a lot of stuff.

General stuff (camping-wise):
-2 tables (big one and small one, both fold-out)
-3 big (BIG) boxes which we used for clothes and food.
-3 smaller boxes for cooking stuff and others
-2 cooking stoves on gas
-10L jerrycan
-A spare tire and a hydraulic jack for up to 4T (Jack is not the red one in the picture. You can have that one as well but it's not high enough, which we discovered too late...)
-An analog tire pressure gauge (which is useful because not all countries provide these at gasstations)
-A sim-card for Chile, Peru and Colombia.

Furthermore, the car has all the necessary papers, up to date! It has a seguro obligatorio until March 2019, permission de circulacion until March 2019 and it just passed the revision tecnica with flying colors, clearing it until May 2019! The next owner is set to go immediately, no extra hassle or costs required.

Of course, there's a reason it's cheaper then your average overlander vehicle. The small engine, though it has amazing performance and incredible consumption rates, is still a rather small engine. You won't have the same power you have with a big 4L engine, doh. Did this bother us? Driving uphill you might have to shift to a lower gear and you won't go speeding up the mountain. At sea-level the difference in power is minimal, but at higher altitudes you will notice it. Just go a little slower, enjoy the scenery without it flashing by!
It also has 238000km, which isn't nothing. It's a diesel-engine though so it's strong and still has a lot of life left!
It's got a few scrapes and dents. Nothing that effects the performance by far, and we don't care about the look of our car, but some people might. Just trying to be honest.

We will help you with all the necessary paperwork as it's pretty easy if you know where to go. We are also happy to help with any other questions regarding traveling in SA, before and during your trip. We'd love to still be a part of this car's future.

Price: 2.990.000 CLP - non-negotiable, this is a crazy good price.

You can contact us via Whatsapp on +32473574302 or via e-mail on [email protected]

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Mon, 04/16/2018 - 15:29

Lower price!

Price is now 4.000.000CLP or 6650$
We will be in Santiago in about a week.

Tue, 04/24/2018 - 15:26

Fiat Doblo Maxi


First question, is your vehicle still available?
I'll be in Santiago around the 15th of may. If it's still available, I have also some more questions:
* You've been driving all the way from Colombia? How much time has it take you? You bought the van in Colombia?
* What are the plates of the vehicle? Chilian? Other? Is it possible to sell the vehicle anywhere with any kind of plates? (Or plates has to match the country)
* How is it when you cross borders with the van

Thank you in advance for your answers and your time,


Thu, 04/26/2018 - 13:17

Hi Mickael.

Hi Mickael.

Currently the car is still available! We have some people who are interested but no final bids yet.
We didn't buy the car in Colombia, we bought it in Chile (Santiago). So it also has Chilean plates. If you want to sell the car, it is advised to do it in the same country as where you bought it. We do know people who bought a Chilean car and are selling it in another country, so it's possible, but we would have to ask how. Same country is definetly easier though.

We went to Colombia, but not with the car. We did Chile, Argentina and Bolivia with the car. We do know other travellers who went from Chile to Colombia and it took them about 2-3 months with stopping to do stuff, if you speed through it should take about 3 weeks according to them.
About crossing borders; if you have the correct papers and don't try to smuggle stuff in, it's pretty easy. We went from Chile to Argentina loooads of times and also to Bolivia so we have a lot of experience :) We can help you get all the papers you need, with these papers it should never be a problem to cross. We do speak Spanish, which helps :)

We will be in Santiago for a little while so the 15th of May shouldn't form a problem by the way.

Some extra up-to-date information: We went to the revision tecnica today and the car was cleared for another year. We also did the permission de circulacion and the seguro obligatorio, so the next owner doesn't need to worry about any of those. Everything is good until april/may 2019.

Hope to hear from you!