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Hi friends travellers !

After a 1 year ½ road trip in South America, we are selling our little home, a VW Kombi, in CHILE around may / June / July. We will be in Santiago but if you are in a other place it’s ok for us

It’s a VW Kombi T2 all equipped, of 1990 (see pictures).

Almost all the mechanic is new, changed in February 2017 with a VW specialist (we provide the bills). In November 2017 it has been checked again by an other VW specialist who has changed some other parts (now it is all new!). It runs very well and we didn’t have any mechanic problem since that (7 months, 10 000 km).

It’s a very important point because to drive with a bad engine can be really annoying if something breaks in the middle of the desert (for example), and you can lose time and money if you’re away from the part you need to fix it… That’s why we always have paid attention to the mechanic, and changed a lot of pieces even before to have any problem. The blue painting has been done in September 2017 and the body car is in a good state.

We took well care of it, changed the air and oil filter regularly and the technical control will be done before the sell.

We can go together to see our VW specialist (or one of your choice) to check the engine.

A part of the equipment was done by a professional in February 2017:
- A sofa-bed 2 persons, very comfortable, in wood, with a big storage box
- A big lateral compartment with locker (nice to put the phones, tablets, computer…)
- A pivoting wood table
- Integral insulation for hot and cold

We did the rest ourselves:
- A big wood chest
- A wood floor
- a small wood closet with sliding doors

We arranged everything to be able to sit face to face with the table in the middle, or side by side, and It’s perfet to receive some guests to share a meal or a bottle of wine up to 5 persons. Look inside on the pictures ! 

We leave a lot of stuff (if you are interested of course):
- 1 big portable solar panel
- 1 portable battery capacity 20000 mAh
- 1 12V/220V cigarette lighter adapter
- 1 20 L tank for gas
- 1 compact tent 2 pers
- 1 outside folding table and 2 folding chairs
- 1 parasol
- 1 20L solar shower
- 1 huge blanket and a duvet which saved us from the cold so many times !
- 4 pillows
- our dishes : plates, fork, knives, pot, pan, cups and much more…
- baskets to store stuff you offen use
- LED light and garland, really useful et beautiful
- other accessories (cleaning stuff, boxes…)

For those who don’t know kombis very well, it’s not as fast as a racing car (80-90km/h) but it runs good, we took montain roads, bad dirt paths (including carretera austral and worst) without any troubles. We have visited a lot of national parks, some really high, so it really do the job ! And for us it was the perfect size : not too big, easy to park, and not too small, perfect for 2 !

We sell it for 5800 € / 6800 $ negotiable, based on the perfect state of the engine and the equipment.

We can help you with the RUT and all the administrative papers.

To contact us: mail: [email protected]

facebook : Kaya Jammin or Tony Papagayo

Ask all yours questions, we hope to talk to you soon!

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