WANTED 4X4 OR VAN, Early Februar in Santiago Chile, <= 7000eur

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#1 Wed, 01/20/2016 - 00:03

WANTED 4X4 OR VAN, Early Februar in Santiago Chile, <= 7000eur

Hi all,


We are three french students plannign a six month trip in Patagonia to go climbing in these fabulous mountains. We would like to buy a car in Santiago if possible in the beginning of Februar. Our budget is pretty tight so we wouldnt like to spend more than 7000 euros in this vehicle. However these requirements are not strict, we might be able to travel a bit in Chile with our stuffs to meet you to conclude the deal.

If you feel interested let us know as soon as possible!

Henri Brunel

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Thu, 01/28/2016 - 11:09

On vend notre Mitsubishi Montero Sport


On termine notre périple en Amérique du Sud avec notre 4x4 Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2003. Elle est normalement concue pour 2 mais vous pourriez potentiellement aménager un troisième siège à l'arrière. Pour en savoir plus vous pouvez allez visiter notre blog: www.beesandtoes.com sinon voici déjà les infos générales de notre bébé (en anglais).

2003 Mitsubishi Montero Sport LS

Currently: 225,000km
3.0 l V6 Gasoline Engine (DOHC 24V)
Automatic Transmission (4-Speed)
Fuel consumption: depending on street conditions approx. 12 l / 100km
4-Wheel Drive with the following operating modes:
- AWD with centre differential
- 4H centre differential locked
- 4L low gear with centre differential locked
- automatic differential break at rear axle

All Terrain Tyres
Electric Windows
FM transmitter for any MP3 or audio player.

Officially registered and licensed to owner in British Columbia / CANADA

Camping Equipment (back seat removed to give space)

- Columbus Rooftop Tent medium size (see www.autohome.it for details) with queen size matress mounted on roof rack
- 2 flame Coleman propane stove with additional adaptor for American propane bottles
- All basic kitchen equipment. (dishes, forks, cups, tupperware, coffee maker!..)
- Two person ground tent for back-up, camping table and two camping chairs
- Sink with electric pump and 40 litre (10 gal) fresh water tank
- Compressor fridge
- New additional camping battery 12V/100Ah independent from car battery (relay switch). Charged while engine is running.
- 12VDC –> 120VAC voltage converter for charging of e.g. Camera / Laptop batteries
- Additional fully automatic 115V electronic charger for camping battery if external electricity is available.
- 230V –> 115V transformer if only 230V mains voltage is available
various storage spaces for camping equipment and luggage
Tools, Spare Parts, other equipment:
- Tool box with most necessary tools (wrench, nuts, screw driver, etc.)
- Tire repair kit
- Wire and soldering iron
- Multi-Meter (Voltage, Current, Resistance, etc.)
- Glue and Duct tape
- 2 safety triangles
- Fire extinguisher
- Towing cable
- Oil filters
- Spark plugs
- One full size spare tire
- An extra air filter (new)

On la vend à 6800$ US. 

Pour plus d'info n'hésitez pas à nous contacter: [email protected]

Bonne chance dans vos recherches.

A bientot.