WANTED ASAP: 4x4 on US/UK plates

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#1 Fri, 12/12/2014 - 06:55

WANTED ASAP: 4x4 on US/UK plates

We're looking for a vehicle registered on US or UK plates any time from NOW! We're in Santiago, heading up to San Pedro de Atacama at the weekend. We'll be in Arequipa, peru for Christmas and New Year, then Peru, Bolivia, Colombia in Jan/Feb.

Obviously we're prepared ot travel a little for a good vehicle. Budget is USD 7.5k to 15k


Dream vehicle would be a Land Rover custom Camper ;) A Land Cruiser or 4Runner also good. No buses, thanks!


We'll be driving it up to Alaska in double quick time, then to NYC. A US registered vehicle we'll look to sell in the US (with help of family there), a UK one will be probably containered back home to Britain and kept/sold.