WANTED: Camper Van - Mid January in Chile

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#1 Mon, 12/12/2016 - 18:34

WANTED: Camper Van - Mid January in Chile

We are a surf couple looking for a good camper van suitable for traveling around Chile, Argentina and Uruguay for 3-4 months.

We thought of something like VW Kombi, Toyotoa HiAce, Mitsubishi L300 or similiar.

A Chilean license plate would be best. Our price range is around 6500 US$

Please let us know if you have something to sell. Thank you very much.

Cheers - Gabriel & Melanie

Thu, 01/12/2017 - 10:11
Fri, 01/13/2017 - 08:17

Hi guys!

Hi guys!

Sounds like our van would be a good fit for you guys! Also time wise this would work out great. Let me know if you are interested and all the best for your future travels! Enjoy! :)




Tue, 01/17/2017 - 06:13

Vw kombi with pop top for sale!


Hi there!

We have our beloved VW kombi with pop top for sale. It is an original camper model and fully equipped for new adventures. Check out our ad for more info!


Thu, 05/04/2017 - 15:14

Camper Van in Chile For Sale

$6,950 - 2013, Excellent, Second Owner, Chevrolet N300 van converted into a camper. I'm a mechanic and know vehicles. Anyone looking knows Chileans do not take care of their vans, most of those you find are a mess, driven to death, trashed then sold for high prices. I spent two months looking for this van, bought it from a reputable dealer and paid extra because it was well worth it. I have been in Chile for more than 10 months and eighty percent of the almost 50,000 kilometers on the meter are highway, that is about 31,000 miles. Those who know vehicles will tell you open road driving is the best for any vehicle. I normally get 13+ KM/liter in town and as much as 15 on the highway. It holds 54 liters of gas when filled to the top and will normally go more than 700 kilometers on one tank! It has an excellent 5 speed transmission and very easy to drive. I installed an extra large battery for camping and sometimes watch two or three movies a day. It has good tires, an excellent radio/CD player, fantastic heater, a cooler for food, a propane stove and tank for cooking, custom seat covers and custom bars above the seats and at the top of the rear window for hanging clothes or towels to prevent anyone seeing in side while sleeping. I installed foam on the inside walls for temperature and sound control, a bed with a very nice foam mattress, under which is storage. I recently renewed the license. If you are ready to go camping it is ready to take two people wherever you want to go. I am selling it only because I need a larger van capable of pulling a boat that I am building.

Sun, 12/17/2017 - 00:37

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Wed, 12/20/2017 - 22:41

if youre still looking...


I think you might enjoy taking over our rig!

Here are description and photos:



Email me at [email protected] or whatsapp me at +1 503 719 0490

Best of Luck with your search, we had the time of our lives!

Wed, 01/24/2018 - 15:19

Check out our van :)

Hey, we just reduced our price you can check out our post here: