WANTED stealth VAN or SUV with rooftent Right Now

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#1 Tue, 11/26/2019 - 12:47

WANTED stealth VAN or SUV with rooftent Right Now

In Chile or Peru we are ready to buy just right now but not late than 30 November 2019 in Chile or between 1 up to 7 of December in Peru goog equiped car.

best for us will be stealt van or suv with rooftent.

becouse we are couple with small baby we need smth like semi-double bed for us and extra place to sleep for 3 years old child.

We are newbe about paperworks, so the seller must be proof about this and ready to help us easy transfer ownership and help us prepare all papers (like notary power attorney etc) to easy travel and cross borders in whole America.

Best if car has european plates because we are Polish. It shoud be very easy to transfer ovnership cose citizens of EU.

Also can be US or Canda plates. We dont want playes from Chile cose RUT looks fur us complicated.

Car must be ready to drive. Must has valid technical papers minimum up to april 2020

Ours budget is max up to $8000

Any help will be more than welcome.

Mail me at [email protected] or what's up +48696945478