(WANTED) Van in Cancun, Mexico middle/end of september 2017

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#1 Sat, 07/01/2017 - 04:36

(WANTED) Van in Cancun, Mexico middle/end of september 2017

Hi guys

I'm gonna travel with my two dogs to Cancun in the middle of september 2017, we wanna buy a van to live in and drive the americas, at the beginning some months in Mexico and than Central America, than we will see (no long term plans).

My budget is not more than 5000dollars, I would like to buy something even half equpied and it has to be in Cancun, Mexico (because of the dogs its not so easy to change the cities so fast). Prefer automatic gear, and engine/machine in quite good shape, normal milage. My friend will be with me to check the condition of the car also wanna visit the mechanic so please dont write that your car from for expamle 1996-2003 has no problem at all through your half/one/two years trip. 

I just start to look at websites, its not easy to buy a car in Mexico as foreigner, maybe some of you got some experience with it and can share with me? Maybe you know some places to buy used cars? I want to sell it in Panama or even take it to South America. I heard that as foreigner you cant sell it in other countries if you bought the car in Mexico and in generall there's a lot of problems with registration etc. 

I'll be very glad to have some help from you, also if you want to sell your van in Cancun this month, in this price please let me know :)

Best regards for you all, Daria and the dogs