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Hello everyone, we are two Canadians who had their van stolen in Chile by this man, Alban Hincourt he is from France. We are already back in Canada but our friends in the PanAm group are helping us. He should be travelling North from Chile right now but at this point we're not sure. 
We could use everyone’s help! If you see this man or this vehicle for sale; a silver Chevrolet N300, plate: GARAGOA (yellow) ABN 914.
Please contact us on whatsapp: +1 819 588 5621,
email: [email protected], local authorities/border police, and/or post in the PanAmerican Travelers Association group on facebook. Do not approach him, he has a violent temper.
Thank you,
Alex Prud’homme and Dani Bowler

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Tue, 06/19/2018 - 15:23

Stolen Van

Hello amigos, that registration is from Colombia. Go to the Colombian cosulate in your city and bring all papers or copies that prove your ownership. file a stolen vehicle report and they will put a capture order to the car. internationally if you .request it. I am from Colombia and had family that can help with it. Contact me. [email protected]