Using a Shipping Agent for Container Shipping Option from Panama to Cartagena


They offer both RORO and container shipping, but the costs are similar so if your vehicle can fit in a container, it is the safer option
Container costs:
  • 20´ USD 1300.00 (includes Bill of Lading)
  • 40´ USD 2000.00.  You have to pay additional fees to the Broker in Cartagena (USD 65.00).

Includes freight, bunker, bill of lading, loading and unloading at destination.

Port Locations:  

Departure: Colon, Port of Manzanillo
Arrival : Cartagena (but other options are available, contact for more information) Most of the people send the car by today to Cartagena, because of this they recommend shipping to Colombia rather than Ecuador or Venezuela if you don't have a preference.

Ships are sailing each sunday, and take about one day to transit from Colon to Cartagena.   They recommend making your arrangements 2-3 weeks ahead of time.  

Additional Information

Is it possible for me to be present when the vehicle is loaded into the container and to take all keys when it is complete? The key to the vehicle? The key to the container?

Yes, its possible if the Port give us the authorization and thats why its very important to arrange some logistical procedures on time. the Key to the vehicle must be at the vehicle. Car with little gasoline please. And when they close the container the person in charg put them a Seal with a number. This locks is provide from the carrier.

Contact Information:

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