Travel southbound during the Canadian winters (Nov-May), park the van and head north to spend the summer at the family cottage.  Completed 3 winters so far and am planning on continuing this lifestyle for the time being.

Eastern Ontario, Canada
When did you start your travels?: 
Reason for taking this trip: 
Life is just too damn short
Why did you decide to drive?: 
Did route 66 with a Westy and got the bug (pun intended)
Are you also taking along pets?: 
Are you also taking along children?: 
What type of car are you driving?: 
pimped out soccer mom, cheerio infested stick figured 04/02 Honda Odyssey, code name Golden Eye and Greengo
Did you make any modifications to your car for this trip?: 
Dual battery, blanked the rear/side windows, jammed a modified Walmart futon with 1.5 inch memory foam on top*. Interior LED lighting, 400 W inverter, oscillating fan, ski coffin on the roof, 18L pressurized roof shower, dual side awning. * memory foam, guaranteed good sleep
How did you save up or finance your trip?: 
Bought options and cryptocurrencies 3-4 years ago and with the Cdn dollar tanking, did okay on the exchange 4 years later.
How long do you plan on traveling?: 
I am on my third winter now, depends on the van, as long as Greengo goes, I will follow.
Where do you plan on driving? : 
Leg 1. Mexico and Guatemala but returned north after 3 months. Leg 2. USA, Mexico, Central America and the northern half of Colombia. Leg 3. Southern Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and half of Chile. Leg 4. Southern Chile to Ushuaia and points north. Haven't figured that part out yet.
What were your family’s and friends’ reactions when you told them about your trip before you left?: 
Didn`t you just have an operation? What is something happens? Can I go?
What languages do you speak? Will you learn more on your trip?: 
English, french, an insulting grasp of swiss german and 3 sessions of Spanish night school over the past 10 years. Got up to 51% on Duolingo before heading out
Do you have a favorite place that you've visited?: 
Some no name Guatemalan village I spend the night in soon after crossing the border from Mexico. A family let me stay in there court yard (classier name than free range chicken coop). In the morning I distributed kids clothing to my hostess and her 3 or 4 sisters. I've been carrying about 10 kg of clothing to give to the have nots or have very little. The mothers started pulling clothes out of my bag and each time they held it up, they said a kids name (they were 21 kids involved here). They were happy, I was happy and a mother of 3 in Orleans, Ontario is happy.
What was the weirdest thing you experienced on your trip?: 
left blinker on does not mean they are turning left, they are letting you pass (still your risk). Saw prisoners get released from jail after years of detention, they were 2 camps parked on the opposite sidewalks, family and friends of the prisoners on one side and the family and friends of those affected by the criminals on the other. A bit tense since one has to walk past this place in order to get the the camp site.
What was the worst border crossing?: 
Nicaragua to Costa Rica, they wanted $2.00 US exit tax and of course they had no change....or they did not want to give me change, threatened with handcuffs (for 2 bucks!!!)
Do you have any advice for others who may be considering driving the Americas?: 
You will meet fellow overlanders, from the light core to the hard core. Bottom line they are just like you, their attitudes, their dress and their spirit of adventure.