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Im a Colombian and US Citizen who knows a bit about insurance requirements for both countries... now we're gonna focus on Colombian Insurance. The SOAT is required when you cross into Colombia and can be bought at the border with many companies, i can only reccommend Suramericana (sometimes called Sura) o Seguros del Estado. Those companies will give you the less hassle; specially Sura. Now, the SOAT only covers 3rd party when accidents occur but if you're looking for more coverage like perhaps vandalism, theft, full coverage it can be bought but, it's very expensive. Sura sells a policy for a minimum of 6 months and it's price vary depending on what you need for coverage and the car/truck/suv. Im going to contact my personal agent in Medellin who can give me more info in regards to prices for an additional coverage policy from Suramericana and i will post it here as soon as i have such info.


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