Additional Costa Rica Border Crossing Information

People's experiences vary depending on crowds at the border, corrupt or honest border officials, and rules can also change. Read about individual experiences at specific borders below. 

Entering Costa Rica

Peñas Blancas

April 2012
A difficult crossing only because of the difficulty of finding 2 different Adana offices and the thougsands of semi trucks parked everywhere. Fumigation is the first stop, pay then drive through. Then go to immigration. It's an easy process, fill out the tourist card and get a stamp. Notice that there is an Aduana office across the street from immigration, remember where it is, but don't go there first. Drive about 300 meter down the road and find the insurance window. Buy insurance, then go to the copy shop. You will need a copy of insurance, drivers passport photo page, drivers passport costa rica entry stamp page, car title, and driver license. Note that you need passport and license copies for everyone that is going to drive the car in the country. Right between the copy place and the insurance window is Aduana #2 (don't go there yet either). Take your copies and insurance and go back to Audana #1. The official will give you a form and a packet of papers. Return to Aduana #2. Here they will issue your official permit. They will keep all of the copies. The permit is free.

Cost for vehicle: CR$2175 colones ($4.50 USD) fumigation, CR$8365 colones ($17 USD) insurance, permit is free. Read our full experience with photos here.

-- Posted by Life Remotely

Exiting Costa Rica


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Current information and photos on the crossing

We crossed the border into Costa Rica about 2 months ago and have put a stack of photos of all the buildings that you need to go to as well as some helpful (hopefully, please let us know!) tips to make your day easier!

Enjoy and good luck friends!


Sunny, Lexy and Josie