Dirving in Colorado

The Colorado driving is really relaxed style of driving if you are visiting Colorado and are worried about driving do not be. Every rental car is going to be an automatic and only in Denver Colorado there will be a problem with traffic at rush hour. It use to be really difficult to drive through Denver because of construction but today the 5 lane highway on I-25 is almost always clear unless there is an accident.


Colorado is really relaxed and the average speed limit outside cities on highways is 75mph making it fast to get whereever you want to in Colorado. The normal city speed limit unless sad other wise is 25mph. I-25 is the main highway in Colorado that runs North and South. if you are going East and West the main highway is I-70.


When is driving difficult in Colorado?

If it snows in Colorado while you are driving this is when you need to be more awake while driving. If you are driving the speed limit does not matter anymore you still need to drive slower depedning how slick the roads are. It is very difficult to predict the weather in Colorado so you now know how to drive safer while you are dirving in Colorado.